European Countries with most Casinos Per Capita

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Cute infographic with some interesting info!

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Cute infographic with some interesting info!

Review of the Layout:

Great, simplistic layout that does not try to mesh too much information into one space. The color scheme selected fits in very well with the stereotypical ‘casino’ look creating instant recognition. One critique I would add would be to add a black stroke of every non-black letter, this would increase readability and not take away from any of the color scheme or add extraneous mess. Holistically the infograph works really well allowing information to be processed quickly and easily.

Review on the Content:

Honestly, I had no idea who would top the charts for casinos per capita, but it is still some interesting information to look at. While almost all of the countries listed here are smaller compared to the giants that Europe holds I would still expect at least one larger country to be top 7. Otherwise, the content here is well presented and interesting holding reader attention by giving small facts about each place as we run through the countdown.


Wonderful infographic on the top 7 countries in Europe with the highest number of casinos per capita. I would give it a 4.7 out of 5 as a whole. Share it with anyone planning a trip to Europe soon, these countries must have the best nightlife!


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