9 House Planning Tips

Review on the layout: There are numerous moving parts to this graphic; Cute images, relevant diagrams, graphs, and standout fact sections. All these pieces blend together to create a cohesive whole that conveys the overall message of the infographic incredibly well. There is no wasted space only intentional white space that allows each element to […]

In-App Purchases: Not for Kids

Review on the layout: This infographic is very neatly made. It’s somehow looks like something you’ll show in a business meeting. Cool looking graphs and charts. All in all the layout is nicely made. Review on the content: This infographic shows that in-app for kids aren’t really good for big businesses. Why? Well, we may […]

Synthetic Urine

Review of the Layout: The layout is very nice and uses the color spectrum to it’s advantage. Creating numerous locations for new colors to pop into vision of the reader makes it so the infographic keeps moving, getting the information out naturally. I would recommend adding some additional spacing to the top by scaling the […]

A Brief History of Fitness Wearables!

Review of the Layout: At first glance the infographic appears to be a little too busy. However, on deeper inspection there is a distinct hierarchy that develops that proves to serve the intended flow of information well. There is a vibe that develops that as the infographic flows down one is digging deeper below the […]

Picking that Perfect look!

Review of the Layout: The entire infographic is split almost perfectly into four vertical lines using the immediate photos as a vantage point. There aren’t any issues with the different hair color swatches either, which is surprising given the necessity of an exact match visually. I enjoy how the whole piece comes together. Review on […]

The Evolution and Acceptance of Cosmetic Surgery

Review on the layout: From top to bottom the layout is pleasing to the eye with strong picture and text breaks to ensure the reader can follow the information. I enjoy the calming color combination while being simplistic and not over-done. Review on the content: Cosmetic Surgery indeed has been accepted more in the last […]

The 8 most likely people to meet in a house share

Review on the layout: This infographic is nicely done. The layout is good, the images and text are well-placed. I like the images, they’re kinda cute. Review on the content: This infographic shows the 8 most likely people you’ll be sharing a flat with. Sharing a flat with a stranger comes with many reasons, be […]

The Best of Albuquerque 2014

Review on the layout: A very colorful infographic if you ask me. The images together with the texts and numbers has this Albuquerque feel into it. It’s like a part if not all of Albuquerque is placed into a single infographic, this one. Review on the content: This is a nice and very informative infographic […]

Equine Assisted Therapy

Review on the layout: I like this one, it’s colorful and the images are so full of life. Not to mention my love for horses, I just love the horse in this infographic. Review on the content: Depression and mood disorder has been a part of our daily lives now due to the time we […]

Battle of the Cities : London and New York

A lot of cosmopolitan – people dream of living in the best cities in the world. And if you are going to ask these people where they want to live, London and New York would be included in their list. London and New York, those 2 are neck and neck. If you are confused on […]

Know Which City is the Best for your Budget

Are you interested to know the cost of living from different parts of the world? I think I have found the perfect source. It’s an interactive infographic. Yes, you got that right. What I have here is interactive. You can find the costs of 1 bedroom apartment to the prices of Levis. Hard to believe, […]

Be Successful by Maximizing your Time

Wow! This is a highly recommended infograph to everyone out there. Millions of people are having a hard time managing their times. I have to admit, I’m like that too. If there’s one thing that I’m bad at, it’s time management. But that doesn’t mean that you should accept the fact that you suck on […]

Stay Away From Distractions

How many times have you been distracted from what you are originally doing? Countless, right? Well, most of us are guilty on that. And there are a lot of times that we can’t finish what we are doing because we are distracted. It’s not a good thing most especially if you have a deadline at […]

The Battle of Men and Women in Purchasing Furniture

Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. I guess that most people in a relationship know this. Girls and boys fight over things, even the simplest things. But that doesn’t mean that we should live in separate planets.   Today, I saw this infograph and I couldn’t help but relate to it. The […]

The Battle of Paycheck to Paycheck Cycle

  You earn, you spend. You earn, you spend. It’s a cycle that most Americans experience. Of course, that’s better than not have anything to spend. But I notice that a lot of people are spending more than what they should. And for some, they don’t have savings in their bank account. Are you one […]

What’s Behind the Teenager’s Digital Life

Most parents wonder why their kids don’t go out like they used to. Well, the answer is really simple. With the birth of social media, a lot of kids are engaging themselves to those. If you will notice, teens are using facebook, twitter and all the social media sites. As adults, do we have an […]

Why People Are Going Vegan

Some people say that going vegan isn’t that healthy. Some say that you won’t get the required nutrition if you go vegan. Some say that you’ll go lumpy if you don’t eat meat. Well, the infograph below defies these statements. This graph is a learning tool. If you want to maintain your weight, or if […]

How You Can Impress That Sexy Lady

You have been rejected by girls for countless times. And yet, you still don’t have an idea why such happens to you! Maybe, it’s about time that you pay attention to the details in the infograph below. Yes, the illustration can be a bit humorous. But hey, that’s what I call reality. If you are […]

Old School Kids vs. New School Kids

I was looking for a light infograph to review. And well, this is what I found. This might keep your interest too. For those who were born in the late 80s or early 90s, you should be checking this out. Most likely, you are also comparing yourself to your parents. Now, isn’t that fun? (not […]

The Battle Of Geeks And Hippies

It’s time to get less serious. What are you like? Are you a geek or a hipster? If you don’t have an idea which category you are in, the infograph might help you.   It doesn’t matter if you are a geek or a hipster. But don’t try too hard to be one. Let’s remember […]

The Best Employee Diet!

I thought that Google is just a model for those who would like to be successful in having their own search engine. However, when I saw this infograph, I can say that what they feed to their employees should inspire other employers. For now, I believe that what I’m saying is a bit vague. So […]

Making Your Prom Night Memorable Without Breaking Your Bank Account

I would say that High School is really fun. There’s no wonder that a lot of teens would like every moment of it memorable. They do crazy stunts and even spends thousands of dollars for their prom. Speaking of prom, I found this infograph very interesting. I never knew that kids would spend hefty amount […]

The New Serial Killer, Work!

Are you workaholic? If you are, you better start looking at the infograph below. I’m sure that after doing so, you will file a vacation leave.     Work isn’t everything. If you spend most of your time working, I believe that you are increasing the risk of being unhealthy. This goes especially for desk […]

The Underground Facts of Marijuana

There are a lot of advocacy regarding marijuana. A lot of organizations are pushing laws to strictly prohibited the use of this ‘wonder’ of agriculture. Just so you know, the government is spending millions, even billions of dollars to stop the underground transaction. But as I look at the study given in the infograph below, there is […]

Take Me To Twitter Rehab

If twitter is your daily dose of vitamins, then this is the infograph for you. Don’t worry, you are not alone in that peculiar addiction. Studies have been conducted to see the effect of twitter to different people. You also might want to use this to gauge if you are addicted or just a plain […]

Keep That Frown Upside Down

Wouldn’t this world be a nice place to live in if all people will smile? There’s no doubt that we always want to see pleasant faces instead of the frowning ones, right? Frowning faces can ruin one’s day. Believe me, it is contagious. If you think that a pretty smile is just to look charming, […]

Boost Your Confidence Ladies!

I always hear people telling that girls mature faster than boys. That can be true. The thing is, why is there a small number of girls who are known in the field of math and science? If you have the same question, worry no more. The infograph below can tell you why.   Now we […]

The Battle of the Brains, Geek vs. Nerd vs. You

Geek and Nerds. Who would like to be coined as one? I’m sure that you don’t. But there are some people who are naturally Geeks and Nerds. Why do you think that I separately use those words? It’s because, they are different. The graph below is very interesting and entertaining at the same time. You […]

Stereotyping Douchebag, Hilarious Facts About The DBs

Coolness is everything among the youth today. However, there are a lot of guys who are going overboard. They try too hard to impress the hot dudettes, only to find out that what they are doing will eventually back fire. We know them as Douchebags. Guys that can turn heads not because they’re hot, but […]