Unusual, Weird Taxes Throughout History

Review on the layout: The layout is long and I think it’s nice. Having a long infographic with nice images and text is a good sight to see. Review on the content: I laughed as I read this infographic. It’s very hilarious to know these few unusual historical taxes. It’s really sad though cause some […]

Gamble with your Life

Review on the layout:  The layout, the placement of the images and the description really made this infograph so cool and awesome and a bit shocking at the same time. Review on the content:  The content is really knowledgeable and a bit shocking at the same time. Knowing that earth barely missed by an asteroid, […]

A Must See Icons in the United States

United States of America. People all over the world would like to visit USA. In fact, some would like to live in the US. Why wouldn’t they be? Even regular employees can have a decent life. Other countries are not like that. In some countries, even if you work hard, you won’t be able to […]