Divorcing? Remember, Communication is Key.

Review of the Layout: Perfect theme coordination between topic information and visuals. The chalkboard effect is actually really cute and adds a minimal reminder to the heavy topic of divorce to think of the children involved. The theme attempts to keep the topic on a lighter note, something that is necessary in this context, it […]

Valentines Day Gifting

Review on the layout: The entire layout is very well-made. I just love the images and the the texts, it’s so romantic. You can really feel the love. Review on the content: In this infographic it really shows that men tends to spend more on gifts than women during Valentines Day. Whether its a nice […]

Start a New Life After Christmas – Getting Unmarried

Who would have thought that January would be the busiest month for barristers? Well, I think that most people like to start anew. They want to start their year right. I’m quite surprised about the number of couples that divorced last year. It’s 117,558. That’s a huge number. And the average age of a person […]