FencePencil’s SEO checklist for Google Ranking Factors

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Awesome SEO Checklist for your Google Ranking.

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Awesome SEO Checklist for your Google Ranking.

Review of the Layout:

As a reviewer I am obligated to announce my bias, I am a sucker for simplistic minimalist color schemes. With that out of the way I must say that for using only three colors this infographic does an incredible job in adding variety to a post while keeping distractions to a minimum. The breaks do seem slightly awkward at points, but they are there as information refreshers in a very long infographic jam-packed with an immense amount of detail. Great use of what space was given, keep it up.

Reviews of the Content:

Google is king. Everyone in the E-commerce knows that if you want to get noticed in our digital age you do everything possible to get noticed by their algorithms. The information here is actually quite exciting to have all in one place. Some of the information is pretty obvious if there is any previous history doing Search Engine Optimization, but the detail here is awesome and really helps anyone new to the game figure it out in a succinct format. I applaud the people at FencePencil for putting this together, it is great for everyone to help refresh or learn.


Fantastic information and a wonderful layout that allows the reader to be educated without impediment. I would give this great article a 4.8 out of 5 for its originality and presentation.


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