9 House Planning Tips

Review on the layout: There are numerous moving parts to this graphic; Cute images, relevant diagrams, graphs, and standout fact sections. All these pieces blend together to create a cohesive whole that conveys the overall message of the infographic incredibly well. There is no wasted space only intentional white space that allows each element to […]

Common Plumbing Problems

Review on the layout: Cute graphics, simple sections to step through each problem is presents with possible solutions, this is a well done graphic. None of the colors clash off each other and the information flows down (just like water down a drain) organically. Review on the content: The content here is wonderful for new […]

Australian Recycling Facts You Need To Know!

Review on the layout: The layout appears very, but that actually helps push some of the messaging for the overall theme. Clearly separating each of the sections of information into well contained colors helps the reader navigate to areas/information in the infographic that pertain most to them. While a holistic approach is still possible by […]

Adding Space to your Home!

Review on the layout: While red on blue is not my first choice for pairings, this infographic at least sticks to it’s guns when working with a color scheme. The layout in general is totally fine, but small text hurts the otherwise fine layout. I like the small graphic house shown to reflect each room […]

Tips for Cutting down Trees on your Property

Review on the layout: I love this cell shaded art style. It’s simplistic and inviting, while maintaining all the necessary space for information to be the star. The green and brown tones pair well for an infographic about trees, keeping with the similar content vibe. If there were one thing that I would change about […]

How to Unblock a Drain

Review on the layout: Easy on the eyes and with the inclusion of small nudging arrows between sections to keep the readers eyes moving are the highlights of this graphic. The small art pieces have a charm to them that are pretty common to the infograph space, but do their jobs and are relevant to […]

Home Security Tips

Review on the layout: This animated graphic has a serious serious tone for a very serious topic. A bold introduction leads into a great way to highlight areas of home invasion that should definitely be regularly checked. The color scheme is very subdued and blends well together. Love it. Review on the content: To be […]

The ROI of Upgrading Your Garage Door in 2020

Review on the layout: The simplicity and clear attention-grabbing color usage makes the layout of this infographic stunning. Utilizing the thirds rule in design adds an extra layer of complexity most graphics try to emulate but fall flat. Here each of the main sections the designer wants the reader drawn to is laid exactly around […]

Put Old Coffee Grounds to Use

Review of the Layout: The upbeat graphics littered throughout this infographic adds an almost whimsical tone to the subject matter. As the reader scrolls though the different ways to recycle their used coffee grounds a feeling of intelligence forms as they see in little pictures different ways that they may recycle their coffee. The color […]

Tips to keep valuables safe in a storage container!

Review of the Layout: I love the cute little drawings in this infographic that give it a vibrant, uplifting feeling to a task that can seem incredibly daunting to some. Throughout there are a few cases of too much text to be easily readable, but the titles for each entry sum up well enough to […]

A Checklist To Plan Your Next Party!

Review on the Layout: I really enjoy how this checklist was set up! It not only allows the individual to go through the typical progression of party planning, but also allows for some templates to help keep track of what still needs to be done. It even has a space to keep track of who […]

Sleep Survey in Britain

Review on the layout: I like this one, the image of starry night is one of my favorite scenery. Dark blue skies with bright shinny stars makes me want to sleep. The layout is nicely done specially the charts on top of a Britain map divided into regions and some numbers and explanations. Review on […]

Evolution of the Bathroom

Review on the layout: This is one colorful infographic, just take a look at those colors, text and images blend in together to make one good infographic about bathrooms. Review on the content: I like this one not just because it’s one colorful infographic but because it’s all about bathrooms and showers which is one […]

Stop Running From Your Home Energy Bill

Review on the layout: This is one colorful infographic. The images are so cool and neat. It really reflects what this infographic is all about. Review on the content: Just one glance at this infographic I can already tell what it is all about. The images have one thing in common, they’re all run by […]

Reasons To Clean Your Home

Review on the layout:  The layout is nice, the images are neat and it just feels nice to look at. Review on the content:  It’s nice to clean your home once in awhile. With this info graph, you just had your 15 reasons to clean your home. FINAL VERDICT. This info graph gives you a […]