The ROI of Upgrading Your Garage Door in 2020

Review on the layout: The simplicity and clear attention-grabbing color usage makes the layout of this infographic stunning. Utilizing the thirds rule in design adds an extra layer of complexity most graphics try to emulate but fall flat. Here each of the main sections the designer wants the reader drawn to is laid exactly around […]

Single Mothers on a Budget

Review on the layout: I like this infographic layout, the text, images and colors are just perfect. I just love looking at it. Review on the content: This is a really nice infographic. As we all know, there are lots of single moms out there that are having troubles when it come to financial needs. […]

Unusual, Weird Taxes Throughout History

Review on the layout: The layout is long and I think it’s nice. Having a long infographic with nice images and text is a good sight to see. Review on the content: I laughed as I read this infographic. It’s very hilarious to know these few unusual historical taxes. It’s really sad though cause some […]

Right Path to Good Credit

Review on the layout:  The map is amazing, if one follows this road map to good credit then he/she will surely be in one. Review on the content:  The Traveller’s Toolkit is a very useful tip to avoid having a bad credit. FINAL VERDICT. This info graph is very helpful specially for those people that […]

Check The Consumer Loans in UK – It’s Getting Bigger

Would you like to know how the UK’s Personal Debt moves every second? This is the perfect infograph for that. Review on the Content:  Numbers. That’s what I see. If you want statistics, then definitely this is a must share. But you know what would make this infograph more interesting? I would suggest that they […]

Yuletide Debts – Did you Overspend Last Christmas?

Indeed, Christmas is really the time to give and to share. Undeniably, that’s a good act. But there are some people who spend more than what they should. They ended up having huge debts. If you want to know the figures, check this helpful infograph. Huge numbers are given in this infograph. I believe that […]

Sentiments and Stock Prices – Effects on Apple Inc

This infograph is a must share to those who are investing, or to those who would venture on stocks. Let’s talk about the content. It tells us the weight of sentiment to the stock price specifically in the case of Apple Inc. Starting the whole infograph with a paragraph is a good idea. After all, […]

Know What to Buy, Be A Smart Shopper

When it comes to information, I believe that this infograph is very useful. We must learn what to buy and when to buy items. That can really maximize your savings. I like how the graph was organized. It’s easy to understand and you can make this your own guide as well. There’s a daily guide […]

The Battle of Paycheck to Paycheck Cycle

  You earn, you spend. You earn, you spend. It’s a cycle that most Americans experience. Of course, that’s better than not have anything to spend. But I notice that a lot of people are spending more than what they should. And for some, they don’t have savings in their bank account. Are you one […]

Money Flow of An Average Joe

Living the American Dream. People from different continents would love to live in the US thinking that life would be perfect there. But you might want to check out this infographic before you decide to file your papers in the embassy. This is the real American Life. Yes, you can live a decent life for […]

I’m Living With My Parents, So What?

How old are you? If you are in your early 20s, chances are you are living with your parents. I’m not saying that there is something wrong with that. However, you should know that years ago, things are different. Most kids live on their own months after graduating from college. Do you want to know […]

Teach your Kids Financial Independence, Or End Up Supporting Them Forever

After your kid graduated from college, you think that your financial obligation is over. But only few parents experience that. A lot of adults still depend on their parents in overcoming their monthly expenditures. To be honest, these kids are not to blame. I think that you, as a parent, could have done something for […]

Female Domination, America’s Economy in the Hands of Women

Long gone are the days that male workers dominate the US economy. I believe that the tables have turned. According to recent statistics, women in the US are contributing a lot in the economy. And that’s by setting up their small businesses. Just so you know, these small enterprises provided millions of jobs in the […]