Tips for Cutting down Trees on your Property

Review on the layout: I love this cell shaded art style. It’s simplistic and inviting, while maintaining all the necessary space for information to be the star. The green and brown tones pair well for an infographic about trees, keeping with the similar content vibe. If there were one thing that I would change about […]

How to Unblock a Drain

Review on the layout: Easy on the eyes and with the inclusion of small nudging arrows between sections to keep the readers eyes moving are the highlights of this graphic. The small art pieces have a charm to them that are pretty common to the infograph space, but do their jobs and are relevant to […]

In-App Purchases: Not for Kids

Review on the layout: This infographic is very neatly made. It’s somehow looks like something you’ll show in a business meeting. Cool looking graphs and charts. All in all the layout is nicely made. Review on the content: This infographic shows that in-app for kids aren’t really good for big businesses. Why? Well, we may […]

FencePencil’s SEO checklist for Google Ranking Factors

Review of the Layout: As a reviewer I am obligated to announce my bias, I am a sucker for simplistic minimalist color schemes. With that out of the way I must say that for using only three colors this infographic does an incredible job in adding variety to a post while keeping distractions to a […]

European Countries with most Casinos Per Capita

Review of the Layout: Great, simplistic layout that does not try to mesh too much information into one space. The color scheme selected fits in very well with the stereotypical ‘casino’ look creating instant recognition. One critique I would add would be to add a black stroke of every non-black letter, this would increase readability […]

Synthetic Urine

Review of the Layout: The layout is very nice and uses the color spectrum to it’s advantage. Creating numerous locations for new colors to pop into vision of the reader makes it so the infographic keeps moving, getting the information out naturally. I would recommend adding some additional spacing to the top by scaling the […]

A Brief History of Fitness Wearables!

Review of the Layout: At first glance the infographic appears to be a little too busy. However, on deeper inspection there is a distinct hierarchy that develops that proves to serve the intended flow of information well. There is a vibe that develops that as the infographic flows down one is digging deeper below the […]

A Checklist To Plan Your Next Party!

Review on the Layout: I really enjoy how this checklist was set up! It not only allows the individual to go through the typical progression of party planning, but also allows for some templates to help keep track of what still needs to be done. It even has a space to keep track of who […]

Customizing your Football Visor

Review on the Layout: Through out the entire infographic there are great uses of color and numbering to differentiate points. If there were a few critiques I have for it they would be to use a black background and white number for each of the 1-10 ‘stars’ and to not alternate such a light gray […]

The 8 most likely people to meet in a house share

Review on the layout: This infographic is nicely done. The layout is good, the images and text are well-placed. I like the images, they’re kinda cute. Review on the content: This infographic shows the 8 most likely people you’ll be sharing a flat with. Sharing a flat with a stranger comes with many reasons, be […]

Evolution of the Man Cave

Review on the layout: I find this infographic very nice. The images and text are nice and specially the background. And the layout of the evolution of the cave man from an actual caveman to modern man is nicely well-placed in sequence. Review on the content: About the content of this infographic, the only thing […]

Differences Between Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis

Review on the layout: This one is very cute, I’m referring to the images. They’re like a white humanoid clay things. The layout is also nice and I like looking at it. Review on the content: This infographic is all about osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, the two most common forms of arthritis that most people […]

Sleep Survey in Britain

Review on the layout: I like this one, the image of starry night is one of my favorite scenery. Dark blue skies with bright shinny stars makes me want to sleep. The layout is nicely done specially the charts on top of a Britain map divided into regions and some numbers and explanations. Review on […]

Stannah reveals London over 65s loneliest in Britain

Review on the layout: This one has some nice images on it, they’re finely detailed like the dog picture. A very nice one if you ask me. The colors are paired and blended with other colors well enough not to hurt my eyes. Review on the content: This infographic is all about the Stannah Silver […]

Evolution of the Bathroom

Review on the layout: This is one colorful infographic, just take a look at those colors, text and images blend in together to make one good infographic about bathrooms. Review on the content: I like this one not just because it’s one colorful infographic but because it’s all about bathrooms and showers which is one […]

Criminal Profiling

Review on the layout: This infographic is kinda cool. It looks like I’m a detective sitting on my desk looking at a police line up inside a room with a one-way mirror. I like the graph on the right side as well, it kinda fits the infographic theme. Review on the content: This is a […]

Equine Assisted Therapy

Review on the layout: I like this one, it’s colorful and the images are so full of life. Not to mention my love for horses, I just love the horse in this infographic. Review on the content: Depression and mood disorder has been a part of our daily lives now due to the time we […]

Osteoarthritis in the UK: A closer look

Review on the layout: I like this one. What really caught my eyes are the dolls, they’re very cute. Review on the content: This is a very informative infographic because osteoarthritis is a common type of suffering among women, not just in the U.K. but around the glove. Knowing the symptoms and how to deal […]

Stop Running From Your Home Energy Bill

Review on the layout: This is one colorful infographic. The images are so cool and neat. It really reflects what this infographic is all about. Review on the content: Just one glance at this infographic I can already tell what it is all about. The images have one thing in common, they’re all run by […]

Learning from a Distance – No Need for Classrooms!

Everyone wants to be efficient. We all want to do things fast and we want to do it whenever possible. That explains all the mobile phones that have built in cameras, music players and all those gizmos you would originally buy separately. This urge of efficiency is also evident on the number of students who […]

Check The Consumer Loans in UK – It’s Getting Bigger

Would you like to know how the UK’s Personal Debt moves every second? This is the perfect infograph for that. Review on the Content:  Numbers. That’s what I see. If you want statistics, then definitely this is a must share. But you know what would make this infograph more interesting? I would suggest that they […]

Women on Top – Figures of Women on Top of Businesses

We are used to seeing males as the head of companies. But just so you know, there are females who are also leading some businesses. They are the perfect example that women should be treated equally. In this infograph, you’d see the figures of women leading different companies. View the original woman in business infographic […]

Start a New Life After Christmas – Getting Unmarried

Who would have thought that January would be the busiest month for barristers? Well, I think that most people like to start anew. They want to start their year right. I’m quite surprised about the number of couples that divorced last year. It’s 117,558. That’s a huge number. And the average age of a person […]

Less Alcohol These Holidays – Drunk Driving this Yuletide Season

Admittedly, it would be very hard to resist social drinking most especially during Christmas season. It’s as if, alcohol can make any conversation even more fun. In this infograph, you will see facts in relation to drunk driving per se and drunk driving during the Christmas. Remember to never drink and drive and if you […]

Sentiments and Stock Prices – Effects on Apple Inc

This infograph is a must share to those who are investing, or to those who would venture on stocks. Let’s talk about the content. It tells us the weight of sentiment to the stock price specifically in the case of Apple Inc. Starting the whole infograph with a paragraph is a good idea. After all, […]

Fun Facts about Car Owners

This infograph is truly amazing. It is interesting. In fact, I was hooked up seeing the first contents of it. I got my first car when I was 16 too. For parents who have teens, well, you know what to give them on their 16th birthday (just kidding). It’s also good to know that more […]

Which Car is the Best in the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca

Have a glimpse of the fastest production cars around Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. Are you a speed enthusiast? If yes, you must see this infograph. Providing the top 10 cars is a great idea. It would be fun to compare these stunners on the street. You’d also notice that the fastest car doesn’t have to […]