Brand Numbers: What Do They Mean?

Review of the Layout: Creative use of color creates an effect in the title that makes me laugh. Meanings behind brand numbers with numbers drawn from letters, very creative. I like the structure of the layout, isolating each brand clearly with their own tidbit of information. The only qualm that I have with the design […]

Are You Ready to Edit?

Review of the Layout: Extremely simplistic look on this infographic, divides the information into short, easily-digestible pieces. The increasing red hue in the background of the numbers is interesting as it draws increasing attention to more urgent points. Overall it is a perfect read. Review of the Content: Even though I have never written any […]

FencePencil’s SEO checklist for Google Ranking Factors

Review of the Layout: As a reviewer I am obligated to announce my bias, I am a sucker for simplistic minimalist color schemes. With that out of the way I must say that for using only three colors this infographic does an incredible job in adding variety to a post while keeping distractions to a […]

Live Streaming & Business

Review on the layout: Immediately I notice that the infographic has a sleek and modern style to it that allows the content to be scanned easily. As this is a guide it was critical to get the correct flow and it was created flawlessly. Review on the content: We are looking at an extremely good […]

Trading Academy’s Top 10 Tax Mistakes Traders Make

Review on the layout: I like this infographic. The colors aren’t too bright to the eyes, the images are cool and it has its funny side of it. Review on the content: This is a really knowledgeable infographic. Especially if you’re a trader and is having a hard time handling your taxes. Having to know […]

6 Things To Do Before Your Next Trade Show

Review on the layout: The layout is nice, not too bright nor dark. The images are kinda cool looking too. Review on the content: This is a very helpful infographic specially for those people who are into Trade Shows. Whether you are new to trade shows or experienced, these six steps can help you in […]

Are You Still Using Fax Machines? – There’s A Better Alternative

Decades ago, only few people would use email to send messages. Most would use snail mail. Or if you wanted to send documents faster, you would use fax machines. We cannot deny the fact that there are a lot of advantages when you use fax machines. But with the emergence of online messaging, do you […]

Women on Top – Figures of Women on Top of Businesses

We are used to seeing males as the head of companies. But just so you know, there are females who are also leading some businesses. They are the perfect example that women should be treated equally. In this infograph, you’d see the figures of women leading different companies. View the original woman in business infographic […]

Planning to Start a Business – Prepare for the Battle

Starting up a business can be very exciting. I mean, who doesn’t want to be their own boss, right?  Who doesn’t want to lead? If done properly, one can hit the jackpot. It can be a business that will allow them to live a great life. But starting up a business is not a one […]

No Job? Let’s Create Our Own

This infograph is inspiring to those who are currently jobless.   Why not be your own boss? You just need to be creative in making your business. It doesn’t have to be huge. In fact, you don’t need a lot of capital. Instead of drowning yourself in depression because of the job you lost, think of other […]

Customer Service, Make your Business More Profitable

You might think that if you have a good product, it will sell. Well, of course that’s one selling point. But you have to remember that your company will be more profitable if you know how to give good service. In this infograph, you will see how good customer service can change your company. You […]

Are you Ready to Have a Small Business?

This is a truly outstanding infograph. It’s complete. The contents are really informative and cohesive as well. At the beginning of the infograph, you will see the benefits of having a small business. It is then followed by the questions if you are ready to have one. Lastly, it gives you the steps on how […]

Working Harder but Getting Less

      Do you want to know what’s REALLY happening to the working force of America? Reality check, it’s not very good. To give you a glimpse, please refer to the infograph below.         More than half of America’s working population isn’t happy about their job. Even if that is the […]

Female Traders Invading The Market

The City can be a hostile environment, whatever your gender. The bear pit-style atmosphere has often proved prohibitive in getting more female traders to enter the world of stock trading, but over the course of the past decade, there has been a huge increase in the number of female traders as this infographic from City Index […]

Office Suits and Social Media Combined

Years ago, employers wouldn’t allow their employees to use social media during work hours. However, the tables have turned. More companies allow their workers to use social media provided that they are promoting their business, work or products. This infograph is a must see for those bosses who are very strict. They think that social […]

Daddies Are Your New Online Target Market

Most online marketing specialists would create plans targeted on females. Well, who can blame them? It seems that the ‘queens’ are more interested in entertaining ads seen over the internet. It’s as if they have more time to check the world wide web. But do you know that a recent study shows a different thing? […]

It’s Time To Use Tweeter Business Magnates

They say that twitter is circling around celebrities. Well, that’s actually obvious. If you have an account, I’m sure that you are following your celebrity icon. However, do you have an idea that Twitter is a must if you have a business? Recently, I have been reviewing infographs about business and different marketing strategies. I […]

New Perspective On Online Shoppers

Are you planning on having your own business? Would you like to be your own boss and have bigger source of income? If you answered yes on both questions, I have something for you. I would recommend that you put this infograph in mind. You should consider venturing an online store so you can get […]

Covering Your Business With Appropriate Insurances

Some business owners, most especially the small ones, don’t think about getting an insurance. They think that it will just eat up their profit. Quite the contrary, having your business covered by an insurance is really important. Plus, it’s not that costly if you are going to think about the positive effects of having one. […]

Create More Visual Aids For Your Business

If you will notice, a lot of social sites are reformatting their pages. Most of them have become more visual. They give more space for pictures and other images. All the while I thought it was just a fad. Turned out there is a psychological reason for it. It is our nature to become visual […]

How To Make The Perfect Content In Your Campaign

You are a marketing officer. Obviously, your job is to make great marketing plans for your company. There’s no doubt that you write great tag lines. Apart from that, you have the best illustrators that can back up your texts. But are those enough for your plan to be effective? If NO, then you must […]

Make a Better Working Day Plan for your Employees

You have been employing a lot of people. But one fact remains that there is only a slight increase in the productivity. What do you think is the problem? The infograph below might give you a quick glimpse of the problem and the possible solutions. Just so you know, it’s not the number of employees […]

Why Travel Accident Insurance is a Must

There is no doubt that business travels are a must for a company to grow. That’s the time your employees can mingle with different people in the field. Of course, I can’t blame you if you want to get the cheapest seats in a flight. But just so you know, it is essential that you […]

Give Your Employees A Web Surfing Break

A lot of my friends are working in the corporate industry. Most of them are obviously stressed. When asked what’s the reason for their ‘negative’ vibes, they told me that they are over worked. However, I have some friends who are also in the same industry. Surprisingly, they are happy people. Yes, they have a […]

The New Serial Killer, Work!

Are you workaholic? If you are, you better start looking at the infograph below. I’m sure that after doing so, you will file a vacation leave.     Work isn’t everything. If you spend most of your time working, I believe that you are increasing the risk of being unhealthy. This goes especially for desk […]

Transmit Business Messages Thru Drawings

Would you like to know why infographics are so effective? You might want to check the illustration below. By far, this is the simplest infograph that I have seen. However, the message was instantly transmitted.   We all know that people have short attention span. If you will give them promotional materials that are 2 […]

Is Facebook Better Than Blogs?

If we are talking about personal accounts, I don’t think that Blogs can out stand facebook. But if the business realm, I would suggest that you do the latter. You might think that I’m just making your life miserable. I mean, you think that facebook stats are easier to do than to make long blogs. Yes, that’s […]

China Should Be The Gauge For Success

Do you know what can make a country’s  economy successful? It’s not about the huge infrastructures that does it. It’s about the people who live and work in the country. The question is, how can you make workers productive. There’s only 1 solution for that and that would be quality education. I agree to what […]

Your Online Presence is Useless

You know that it’s essential for your business to have an online presence. That’s why you created your websites, networking accounts and the like. However, it’s as if that your marketing materials aren’t working. Yes, creating your accounts can help. But that’s just a step. You need to take your action to another notch. It […]

Do You Want To Get A Job Fast?

You have been unemployed for months now. You are beginning to think that it’s your fault. Perhaps, you are thinking that you are not good enough. However, there might be other contributing factors on why you are still a couch potato. The infograph below might give you a hint.   What I love about the […]

Let Your Contents Go Viral

Do you know how you can get popular without spending a lot? Post a great (or hilarious) video on YouTube. A lot of stars today were discovered using the new media. Many people can see you and it spreads fast like a rumor. Hence, a lot of companies are using the viral technique for their […]

Time to Open Facebook at Work

Most employers don’t allow their employees to use social networking sites during office hours. But you might want to change your mind with the infograph that I’m about to review. It’s not a shocking news that around 40% of the population use social media sites. I mean, who doesn’t want to be hip and updated, […]

Why Business Magnates Use Social Media Sites

I find this infographic very interesting. In fact, I would like to relate this with the current marketing behavior of different businesses.   You think that different businesses are creating their social networking accounts for the sake of advertising alone. It’s actually more that that. They want to interact with their consumers and potential clients. […]