The Full Cost Of A DUI

Review on the layout: The layout of the images and text are very nice and well coordinated. It’s very well made that it made me curious what this infographic has to say about DUI. Review on the content: A very good infographic if you ask me. Some people are so hard headed that they won’t […]

Criminal Profiling

Review on the layout: This infographic is kinda cool. It looks like I’m a detective sitting on my desk looking at a police line up inside a room with a one-way mirror. I like the graph on the right side as well, it kinda fits the infographic theme. Review on the content: This is a […]

Why a Freeway Suddenly Stops

    Freeways are supposed to be the hub of fast driving motorists. But not for all cases. Here’s a very NICE infograph. In the illustration below, you would immediately learn why there are stops in freeways. The explanations are very simple, brief and organized. This is what an infograph should be. It should be […]

We Talk About Peace, But Do We Mean It?

I was browsing over different inforgraphs. Today, what I have below shocked me. In fact, I almost fell over. Sad to say, the crime rate increases over time. Yes, the government is doing something about it. But what I don’t get though is that they are hiring more people to fight in combats and to […]

The Dark Side of Halloween

Once again America’s famous holiday that isn’t really a holiday is upon us. We get to dress up like mystical creatures and scare anyone we want. It is a pretty fun holiday, for all ages. As a kid there is nothing better than getting free candy. All-I-could-eat candy. I’d get to hang out with friends […]