What is an eSIM? How do I use it?

Review on the layout: This infographic is is minimalist and I love it. The purpose behind a good infographic is to convey information quickly with as little effort as possible on the reader. With a minimalist layout there are few flashy colors or distracting elements to pull the readers eyes away from the important pieces […]

In-App Purchases: Not for Kids

Review on the layout: This infographic is very neatly made. It’s somehow looks like something you’ll show in a business meeting. Cool looking graphs and charts. All in all the layout is nicely made. Review on the content: This infographic shows that in-app for kids aren’t really good for big businesses. Why? Well, we may […]

Tips to Stay Secure in a Digital World

Review on the Layout: A tough guy image for a serious talk about our internet security. The light back ground and white text could have been simplified if only a black stroke was placed behind it. Overall though the look of the infographic does allow some easier feelings about a very serious topic consistently talked […]

24/7 Home Security System

Review on the layout: This infographic is small but very useful. I like the images, text and the colors too. This layout is really nice. Review on the content: This is a very helpful infographic. Home security systems are really the best choice against burglars to keep your home safe from harm. This infographic even […]

Brand Numbers: What Do They Mean?

Review of the Layout: Creative use of color creates an effect in the title that makes me laugh. Meanings behind brand numbers with numbers drawn from letters, very creative. I like the structure of the layout, isolating each brand clearly with their own tidbit of information. The only qualm that I have with the design […]

Google – How the Massive Search Engine Works

Wonder how Google works? Take a look. It might look a bit cluttered. However, I enjoyed reading the information from here. You have to admit that Google made our lives easier. Back in the days, students will have to go to the library to make their reports. But now, with just few clicks, you will […]

Communication Showdown: Just Pick Up The Phone!

Review on the layout: This is a nice Infographic to look at. The images and text are great. It clearly illustrate what this Infographic is all about. The color blending is just so right that it’s not too bright to hurt your eye nor too dark that you can barely see it. Review on the […]

Clouds Need Security To Reign

Review on the layout: The layout seems okay. I do like the cloud pic though, it’s so cute. Review on the content: This is a very nice infograhpic about the security of the information in the cloud. The cloud is where companies put their sensitive data and if it’s unprotected then it’s like putting your […]

Stop Running From Your Home Energy Bill

Review on the layout: This is one colorful infographic. The images are so cool and neat. It really reflects what this infographic is all about. Review on the content: Just one glance at this infographic I can already tell what it is all about. The images have one thing in common, they’re all run by […]

Gauge your Knowledge about Bridges

Infographic by: Allianz Australia Car Insurance.   Review on the Content:  Bridges are so important but more often than not, we don’t care about it. Can you imagine the world without these concrete and feasible connectors? This infograph gives us an overview of the world’s greatest bridges. While it’s good to know those things, I […]

Are You Still Using Fax Machines? – There’s A Better Alternative

Decades ago, only few people would use email to send messages. Most would use snail mail. Or if you wanted to send documents faster, you would use fax machines. We cannot deny the fact that there are a lot of advantages when you use fax machines. But with the emergence of online messaging, do you […]

What You Should Know About Microsoft SharePoint

We have been hearing a lot of things about this Microsoft SharePoint. Some are good, and some are not so pleasing. Before you give your own opinion, do you really know what this Microsoft SharePoint is? Are you aware of the common misconceptions about it? This infograph might help you discover more things regarding SharePoint. […]

Web Bot, The Real Fortune Teller

  Do you want to meet a seemingly genuine fortune teller? No, she’s not a human. It’s actually a web bot. Sounds too good to be true? Well, this infograph will change your mind.   What I like about this infograph is that it explains almost everything that you need to know about web bots. […]

The Spending Formula of Building Formula1

Are you a car – buff? Are you a race – buff? If you answered yes on both questions, there’s no doubt that you are also a fan of F1 racing. Come on! If you want speed on land, then there’s nothing better than an F1. I have another question here for you. Can you […]

Would You Replace Traditional News Sources?

It is very important that you update yourself. This doesn’t only mean that you have to check your friends’ status on twitter and facebook. You have to be aware of the news may it be business, politics or show business. Nothing beats being knowledgeable about your surroundings. With the emergence of social media, spreading news […]

Boost Your Confidence Ladies!

I always hear people telling that girls mature faster than boys. That can be true. The thing is, why is there a small number of girls who are known in the field of math and science? If you have the same question, worry no more. The infograph below can tell you why.   Now we […]

Cellphones Are Deadly Weapon

Admit the fact that you can’t live without your mobile phones. In fact, right now, you have yours inches away from you. As much as you want to stay connected, you have to minimize the use of your device. You can call me a loser for now. However, I’m sure that you are going to […]

Students Gone Techie

            Technology will be integrated into kid’s education. Are you happy with that? Well, you should be. This is something we should be celebrating about. I mean, we always hear the advantages of technology for business. But now, this is different. Finally, they are putting the adorable gadgets into its […]

Android User’s Favorite Applications-Are The Programs Useful

If you are using an android phone, I’m sure that you are crazy about all the applications. In fact, even if we can’t use the application in our everyday lives, we always want to install it. Just by looking at the infographic below, you’ll see how much revenue companies make because of these. And the […]