YouTube: The Video Giant

Review of the Layout: Wonderful, clean layout that allows the reader to peruse the information quickly and without any hindering blunders with the design. Interesting facts are restated occasionally with banners, and each section obviously separated with blue cross-sections. It is hard to make anything more clear than what has been composed here. A small […]

How to play online slots

Review on the layout: The layout of this infographic is pretty good. The images are nice followed by the parts of a slot machine, it’s history, types, features and popular software company. Review on the content: This is a really good guide on how to play an online slot machine. With this players will no […]

How Semi-Automatic Paintball Guns Work

Review on the layout: I’m really out of words for this one. “WOW” is the only thing I can say for this infographic. The animated paintball gun is just so amazeballs. It took be about an hour before I can start writing this review cause I all did was stare at its amazeness. Review on […]

ScS #SofaCelebrations

Review on the layout: It’s a really nice infographic with all those colors and nice images. Just one look at it I can say it has something to do with Brazil and the only one thing that came in mind is football. Review on the content: If you’re a big football fan but can’t go […]

Online Slots Beginner’s Guide 2014

Review on the layout: This is one happy looking Inforgraphic. Just a single look at it I can already tell it’s about something fun. The images are fun to look at, and the text perfectly blends in with the background color. Review on the content: Playing games is nice when you’re having fun. If playing […]

Support your Football Club with BetBright Grassroots

Review on the layout: This is an infographic from BetBright. The bright text colors under a dark background makes them look like glow-in-the-dark toys or something. The images aren’t boring either, they look cool. Review on the content: This is a really nice infographic about How to earn money for you club. With as easy […]

Know Your Game

Review on the layout:  Very well put together, the images, its short history and some facts below the images. Review on the content:  It’s always nice to know how some of your favorite casino games came to be and some of its facts since its making. FINAL VERDICT. This info graph is a way to […]

Roulette and Black Jack Secrets – Win Now

Who wouldn’t want to win huge amount of cash? Who wouldn’t want to double or to triple their money? No wonder that the gaming industry is getting larger year after year. More people allocate part of their income to bet hoping to win big time. Are you interested to know more about Roulette and Black […]

Male Poker Players, Watch Out for These Ladies

For centuries, men are perceived to be the stronger and the smarter sex. But over the years, women are struggling to be treated equally. Well, I think that the efforts are paying off. In huge companies, you’d see that there are women in the top positions. Even in science or in the arts, the female […]

Who’s the Better Poker Player?

iGame – Female vs Male Infographic – An infographic by the team at iGame The battle of the sexes! A lot of people think that only males can do well in Poker. Well, you can’t blame them. The most prominent players are males. But you should know that even girls can be good at this […]