The Best of Albuquerque 2014

Review on the layout: A very colorful infographic if you ask me. The images together with the texts and numbers has this Albuquerque feel into it. It’s like a part if not all of Albuquerque is placed into a single infographic, this one. Review on the content: This is a nice and very informative infographic […]

Concerts That Topped The Charts – World Records

I’m a self – confessed music lover and this infograph fits my taste. I mean, it’s fascinating to know the 10 Outstanding Gig World Records which don’t only involve selling the most tickets. It tickles my bones to know more peculiar world records about the concert industry. I commend StarHub UK for sharing this infograph. […]

Should I Turn On The Radio While Driving?

I have to admit, this infograph hooked me. It is fascinating to know the evolution of cars and music. Who would have thought that Motorola was the first company to mass produced the car radio? There are other shocking and other revealing details which you can find from this infograph. A – M – A […]

Tunes To Work Productively

Doing the same things every day can be very boring. So, what do you have to do to spare yourself from that boredom. Well, you can listen to great music. Before, I thought that all kinds of music is acceptable and it just depends on your mood. However, the infograph below proved me wrong. There […]