Social Discovery Sites, What’s The Best for You

Most of us have our own social networking accounts. Some of us have Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. But can you use all of those? In this infograph, you will know which of the social networking sites fit your needs. There are 5 categories being used. For me, that’s a good idea. You can easily […]

Wonder What a Hashtag is?

If you will notice, there are a lot of people who are using hashtags. In fact, many are overusing it. It even comes to a point that the hashtags are longer than the actual messages. Do you want to know what a hashtag is? For those who are abusing hashtags, you might want to spend […]

RIP Paper Directories, Hello SEO Marketing

Upon looking at this infograph, I was immediately drawn in. It’s something that all traditional marketers should check out. Why would we settle for paper directories if SEO Marketing is better? In the infograph, there are 7 reasons why SEO Marketing killed paper directories. I like how they explained the pros of SEO Marketing. It’s […]

Web Bot, The Real Fortune Teller

  Do you want to meet a seemingly genuine fortune teller? No, she’s not a human. It’s actually a web bot. Sounds too good to be true? Well, this infograph will change your mind.   What I like about this infograph is that it explains almost everything that you need to know about web bots. […]

What Social Networking Sites do to Us

Facebook is just phenomenal. And so are the other social networking sites. I’m actually intrigued on the actual figures. Lucky me, I saw this infograph. I wasn’t shocked by the statistics. I already knew that millions of people are updating their statuses and they share photos endlessly. But you know what I learned from this […]

Abusers of Twitter, They will Get You

You saw one twitter account with more than 500,000 followers. You wouldn’t be surprised if that account is owned by a celebrity or a public figure. What’s weird is, the account is owned by an average Joe. My dear friend, those are the abusers. Quite vague? Check out the infograph and see what I mean. […]

Online Ads Domination

Recently, I have been searching for infograph relating to online ads. Now, I have found 1. I bet that you already noticed that business owners are triggering their target markets using online ads. Why wouldn’t they do that? Most people are engaged online. Plus, it is cheaper than placing an ad on TV and radio. […]

What’s Behind the Teenager’s Digital Life

Most parents wonder why their kids don’t go out like they used to. Well, the answer is really simple. With the birth of social media, a lot of kids are engaging themselves to those. If you will notice, teens are using facebook, twitter and all the social media sites. As adults, do we have an […]

Great Landing Page, How to Entice Readers

    Are you planning to have your own landing page? If you are, you might want to check the infograph below. In this infograph, you’ll see how a design affects one’s landing page. It doesn’t have to be very colorful. What you need are the right colors. It doesn’t need to have long contents. […]

Office Suits and Social Media Combined

Years ago, employers wouldn’t allow their employees to use social media during work hours. However, the tables have turned. More companies allow their workers to use social media provided that they are promoting their business, work or products. This infograph is a must see for those bosses who are very strict. They think that social […]

World Without The World Wide Web

It’s obvious that the internet has changed our world. I believe that most of us can’t imagine life without it. But what if internet hasn’t been invented? If you can’t picture it, the infograph below might help. This is a great infograph because it shows the advantages of internet. Ok, I’m not saying that it’s […]

Daddies Are Your New Online Target Market

Most online marketing specialists would create plans targeted on females. Well, who can blame them? It seems that the ‘queens’ are more interested in entertaining ads seen over the internet. It’s as if they have more time to check the world wide web. But do you know that a recent study shows a different thing? […]

It’s Time To Use Tweeter Business Magnates

They say that twitter is circling around celebrities. Well, that’s actually obvious. If you have an account, I’m sure that you are following your celebrity icon. However, do you have an idea that Twitter is a must if you have a business? Recently, I have been reviewing infographs about business and different marketing strategies. I […]

New Perspective On Online Shoppers

Are you planning on having your own business? Would you like to be your own boss and have bigger source of income? If you answered yes on both questions, I have something for you. I would recommend that you put this infograph in mind. You should consider venturing an online store so you can get […]

Maximizing The Instagram Hype, Tips For Professors And College Students

If you are a facebook user, it is impossible that you miss ‘instagram’ photos. If you are not using it, I’m sure one of your friends are. It seems that people are now more interested on photos rather than the ‘textual’ updates. Obviously, it’s a stronger proof that you are ‘active’ or you are doing […]

Would You Replace Traditional News Sources?

It is very important that you update yourself. This doesn’t only mean that you have to check your friends’ status on twitter and facebook. You have to be aware of the news may it be business, politics or show business. Nothing beats being knowledgeable about your surroundings. With the emergence of social media, spreading news […]

Best Time to Share Information Online

You have been sharing photos and information over the internet for days. However, you are receiving few likes and comments. Obviously, you are doing something wrong. I find this infograph very helpful. With this, you can schedule what time to disseminate information. At least with that, you are not wasting effort. I would recommend this to […]

Take Me To Twitter Rehab

If twitter is your daily dose of vitamins, then this is the infograph for you. Don’t worry, you are not alone in that peculiar addiction. Studies have been conducted to see the effect of twitter to different people. You also might want to use this to gauge if you are addicted or just a plain […]

Is Facebook Better Than Blogs?

If we are talking about personal accounts, I don’t think that Blogs can out stand facebook. But if the business realm, I would suggest that you do the latter. You might think that I’m just making your life miserable. I mean, you think that facebook stats are easier to do than to make long blogs. Yes, that’s […]

How To Maximize The New Facebook

Months ago, facebook informed its users that there will be a change in their interface. Some were not in favor of the change. In fact, a lot of users got mad. There were a lot of bad comments about this so called change. Are you one of them? Before you keep on ranting about it, […]

Why I Hate Internet Freaks

I’m sure that a lot of people hate hackers. I mean, they are good for nothing. All they want to do is mess up with other’s account. And you know what increased my hatred towards those people? That would be the infograph below. I’m not saying that the illustration is bad. It’s actually the other […]

Is Social Media the New World?

Before, using the internet is very passive. The information can be obtained from it. However, there were no means of reverting back or commenting. If there was, the number is very few. Now, everyone is practicing the freedom of speech. Everyone has their opinion. In fact, most of the opinions are useless and out of […]

Your Online Presence is Useless

You know that it’s essential for your business to have an online presence. That’s why you created your websites, networking accounts and the like. However, it’s as if that your marketing materials aren’t working. Yes, creating your accounts can help. But that’s just a step. You need to take your action to another notch. It […]

Facebook Is Not For All Industry

Almost all of us are engaged in Facebook. We update our accounts and we post the latest photos (even if we don’t look cute). We share videos of the most famous celebrities and we mock the simplest mismatch of outfits. However, do we really care about posts and videos about health? Only few people do. […]

Time to Open Facebook at Work

Most employers don’t allow their employees to use social networking sites during office hours. But you might want to change your mind with the infograph that I’m about to review. It’s not a shocking news that around 40% of the population use social media sites. I mean, who doesn’t want to be hip and updated, […]

Is It Worth Your Minute

        What can you do in 60 seconds? Others can drink a glass of water.  Some can tie their shoelaces.  Talented people can hold their breaths.  But generally speaking, we can’t do so much in that span of time. However, it is different if we use it for viewing different interactions done […]

Is This The Facebook Era?

The birth of Facebook rattled a lot of search engines. And in my opinion, they should. Who wants to switch webpages? Most of us would like to have ONE source for everything. And that’s what facebook is good at. The infograph below shows how facebook can dominate the internet. With the vast activities that the […]

Jobs Using Social Media, Maximize Your Earnings and Time With These

There’s no doubt that a lot of people are hooked to Social Media sites. We post different photos, status, encouraging quotes, jokes and even rants. During weekends, we glue our eyes to our computer’s monitor, and we glue our fingers to the keyboard. But little did we know that we can get huge bucks from […]

Android User’s Favorite Applications-Are The Programs Useful

If you are using an android phone, I’m sure that you are crazy about all the applications. In fact, even if we can’t use the application in our everyday lives, we always want to install it. Just by looking at the infographic below, you’ll see how much revenue companies make because of these. And the […]

Do We Tweet Wisely, Most Talked About Topics

There’s no doubt that 2011 was an interesting year. From all the calamities in the Southern Asia to the political and economical wars around the globe, it’s a no – brainer to say that these will be the trending topics in our favorite social networking sites. But I was wrong… Just by looking at the […]