Tips for Cutting down Trees on your Property

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Review on the layout:

I love this cell shaded art style. It’s simplistic and inviting, while maintaining all the necessary space for information to be the star. The green and brown tones pair well for an infographic about trees, keeping with the similar content vibe. If there were one thing that I would change about the entire layout, I would look to potentially move from one green to another in a more relaxed way, the current immediate switch of green tones is a bit jarring.

Review on the content:

There are numerous reasons to remove a tree from your property, many of them covered below. The real content of this infographic comes in the tips surrounding the reasons you may need to get permission to cut down your tree. While many of these are specific to Australian laws, there are many similar ones within the United States, and probably other countries abroad.


The content is rich with valuable information and the overall style is wonderfully light-hearted. I think this is one of the top infographics on the site. Check out the original at the link below for more information!


Score: 4.5/5

Cutting down trees on your property infographic