Valentines Day Gifting

Review on the layout: The entire layout is very well-made. I just love the images and the the texts, it’s so romantic. You can really feel the love. Review on the content: In this infographic it really shows that men tends to spend more on gifts than women during Valentines Day. Whether its a nice […]

Facebook and Dating, The Impact of Social Media to Relationships

Indeed, Facebook affects practically everything. This includes relationships. When I found this infograph, I knew that it would be something very interesting. Well, my initial gut feel was right. It is an interesting infograph. Why don’t you take a look for yourself? The content is very informative. It’s not bias. It tells the good effects […]

How You Can Impress That Sexy Lady

You have been rejected by girls for countless times. And yet, you still don’t have an idea why such happens to you! Maybe, it’s about time that you pay attention to the details in the infograph below. Yes, the illustration can be a bit humorous. But hey, that’s what I call reality. If you are […]