6 Tips to Checking for Burst Pipes

Review of the Layout: Top notch visualization on this infographic. A consistent style with strong color highlights to draw the readers eye to key information while not hiding behind hazy coloring is great. I also like the varied layout of each fact while remaining consistent in the presentation. Review of the Content: Longer explanations can […]

We’re back!

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Brand Numbers: What Do They Mean?

Review of the Layout: Creative use of color creates an effect in the title that makes me laugh. Meanings behind brand numbers with numbers drawn from letters, very creative. I like the structure of the layout, isolating each brand clearly with their own tidbit of information. The only qualm that I have with the design […]

YouTube: The Video Giant

Review of the Layout: Wonderful, clean layout that allows the reader to peruse the information quickly and without any hindering blunders with the design. Interesting facts are restated occasionally with banners, and each section obviously separated with blue cross-sections. It is hard to make anything more clear than what has been composed here. A small […]

Are You Ready to Edit?

Review of the Layout: Extremely simplistic look on this infographic, divides the information into short, easily-digestible pieces. The increasing red hue in the background of the numbers is interesting as it draws increasing attention to more urgent points. Overall it is a perfect read. Review of the Content: Even though I have never written any […]