Mobile Phones – A Small Device that Dominates the Globe

My title is not exaggerating. Based from real statistics, the globe is really dominated by people who are using mobile phones. This infograph is close to outstanding. It does not only gives the statistics, it gives you the implications of these numbers. Accessing the internet is so easy, you can do it practically anywhere and […]

RIP Paper Directories, Hello SEO Marketing

Upon looking at this infograph, I was immediately drawn in. It’s something that all traditional marketers should check out. Why would we settle for paper directories if SEO Marketing is better? In the infograph, there are 7 reasons why SEO Marketing killed paper directories. I like how they explained the pros of SEO Marketing. It’s […]

Online Ads Domination

Recently, I have been searching for infograph relating to online ads. Now, I have found 1. I bet that you already noticed that business owners are triggering their target markets using online ads. Why wouldn’t they do that? Most people are engaged online. Plus, it is cheaper than placing an ad on TV and radio. […]