Space Facts for Kids!

Review on the layout: This layout is both consistent and easy to read, perfect to help the kids follow the entire length and teach them a thing or two! The graphics are light-hearted and not too realistic to fit the theme, while also fitting well within the constraints of the page as to not be […]

Divorcing? Remember, Communication is Key.

Review of the Layout: Perfect theme coordination between topic information and visuals. The chalkboard effect is actually really cute and adds a minimal reminder to the heavy topic of divorce to think of the children involved. The theme attempts to keep the topic on a lighter note, something that is necessary in this context, it […]

Evolution of the Man Cave

Review on the layout: I find this infographic very nice. The images and text are nice and specially the background. And the layout of the evolution of the cave man from an actual caveman to modern man is nicely well-placed in sequence. Review on the content: About the content of this infographic, the only thing […]

Criminal Profiling

Review on the layout: This infographic is kinda cool. It looks like I’m a detective sitting on my desk looking at a police line up inside a room with a one-way mirror. I like the graph on the right side as well, it kinda fits the infographic theme. Review on the content: This is a […]

Unusual, Weird Taxes Throughout History

Review on the layout: The layout is long and I think it’s nice. Having a long infographic with nice images and text is a good sight to see. Review on the content: I laughed as I read this infographic. It’s very hilarious to know these few unusual historical taxes. It’s really sad though cause some […]

Learning from a Distance – No Need for Classrooms!

Everyone wants to be efficient. We all want to do things fast and we want to do it whenever possible. That explains all the mobile phones that have built in cameras, music players and all those gizmos you would originally buy separately. This urge of efficiency is also evident on the number of students who […]

English 101, Will you Pass the Exam?

Do you think you’re that good in English? Well, are you sure about that? You might want to check the infograph below. These are some of the most common English mistakes. I like this infograph because it is educational and also humorous. While scrolling down, I couldn’t help but laugh. I mean, there are couple […]

Is Your English Bad?

I’m guilty.¬† Are you?¬† This is a good infograph for those who would like to write properly or for the aspiring writers. This graph shows that you don’t have to complicate your life when writing. The simpler, the better. Colorful statements are fine. However, it’s not appropriate in all cases. For example, a corporate setting […]

Can I Still Go To College?

Most of us worry about the gas prices. However, only few people think about the college tuition fees. If you must know, college fees have increased dramatically. And if this will continue, only few Americans will have a quality education. I wasn’t aware of it until I found the infograph below.     Let’s be […]

China Should Be The Gauge For Success

Do you know what can make a country’s ¬†economy successful? It’s not about the huge infrastructures that does it. It’s about the people who live and work in the country. The question is, how can you make workers productive. There’s only 1 solution for that and that would be quality education. I agree to what […]

Students Gone Techie

            Technology will be integrated into kid’s education. Are you happy with that? Well, you should be. This is something we should be celebrating about. I mean, we always hear the advantages of technology for business. But now, this is different. Finally, they are putting the adorable gadgets into its […]

How The Internet Is Revolutionizing Education

Powerful Infographic on how the internet has changed the way we learn.   Via: