Space Facts for Kids!

Review on the layout: This layout is both consistent and easy to read, perfect to help the kids follow the entire length and teach them a thing or two! The graphics are light-hearted and not too realistic to fit the theme, while also fitting well within the constraints of the page as to not be […]

In-App Purchases: Not for Kids

Review on the layout: This infographic is very neatly made. It’s somehow looks like something you’ll show in a business meeting. Cool looking graphs and charts. All in all the layout is nicely made. Review on the content: This infographic shows that in-app for kids aren’t really good for big businesses. Why? Well, we may […]

Brand Numbers: What Do They Mean?

Review of the Layout: Creative use of color creates an effect in the title that makes me laugh. Meanings behind brand numbers with numbers drawn from letters, very creative. I like the structure of the layout, isolating each brand clearly with their own tidbit of information. The only qualm that I have with the design […]

YouTube: The Video Giant

Review of the Layout: Wonderful, clean layout that allows the reader to peruse the information quickly and without any hindering blunders with the design. Interesting facts are restated occasionally with banners, and each section obviously separated with blue cross-sections. It is hard to make anything more clear than what has been composed here. A small […]

European Countries with most Casinos Per Capita

Review of the Layout: Great, simplistic layout that does not try to mesh too much information into one space. The color scheme selected fits in very well with the stereotypical ‘casino’ look creating instant recognition. One critique I would add would be to add a black stroke of every non-black letter, this would increase readability […]

Picking that Perfect look!

Review of the Layout: The entire infographic is split almost perfectly into four vertical lines using the immediate photos as a vantage point. There aren’t any issues with the different hair color swatches either, which is surprising given the necessity of an exact match visually. I enjoy how the whole piece comes together. Review on […]

A Checklist To Plan Your Next Party!

Review on the Layout: I really enjoy how this checklist was set up! It not only allows the individual to go through the typical progression of party planning, but also allows for some templates to help keep track of what still needs to be done. It even has a space to keep track of who […]

Concerts That Topped The Charts – World Records

I’m a self – confessed music lover and this infograph fits my taste. I mean, it’s fascinating to know the 10 Outstanding Gig World Records which don’t only involve selling the most tickets. It tickles my bones to know more peculiar world records about the concert industry. I commend StarHub UK for sharing this infograph. […]

Quick Facts About Julian Assange, The WikiLeaks Founder

  Who doesn’t know WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange? If you want to know something controversial, WikiLeaks might be the best site to look at. Let’s talk about this infograph. The details found in it are interesting. It shows two sides of Julian Assange. One side is dedicated for ‘why you hate him’. And the other side is […]

Who’s the Better Poker Player?

iGame – Female vs Male Infographic – An infographic by the team at iGame The battle of the sexes! A lot of people think that only males can do well in Poker. Well, you can’t blame them. The most prominent players are males. But you should know that even girls can be good at this […]

I’m Getting Addicted to Music

Long gone are the days where you have to fall in line just to get the latest music albums of your favorite artists. With the emergence of internet, all you have to do is to choose a song and pay via credit card. Is that a good thing? As much as I wanted to say […]