The Anatomy of Work Boots

Review on the layout: Layout for infographics on this scale are always difficult to get right. Here we see an introduction, information about the boots and how they’re categorized, and an ending to stress to the user factors they should consider when purchasing a pair. While perhaps a bit too text-heavy for top-marks, I do […]

National Waiters Day

Review on the layout: This is one nicely done infographic. I like the images specially the waiter and waitress with all those stats around them. The images and text are naturally blending in with the background colors. Review on the content: It’s nice to know that there’s a National Waiter day, all those people working […]

Are You Still Using Fax Machines? – There’s A Better Alternative

Decades ago, only few people would use email to send messages. Most would use snail mail. Or if you wanted to send documents faster, you would use fax machines. We cannot deny the fact that there are a lot of advantages when you use fax machines. But with the emergence of online messaging, do you […]

No Job? Let’s Create Our Own

This infograph is inspiring to those who are currently jobless.   Why not be your own boss? You just need to be creative in making your business. It doesn’t have to be huge. In fact, you don’t need a lot of capital. Instead of drowning yourself in depression because of the job you lost, think of other […]

Earn From Home and Get Richer

  If you will notice, there are a lot of people who are leaving their conventional jobs to work from home. Well, there are a lot of reasons for doing so. One, it is more convenient to work from home. You don’t have to wake up that early to take a shower and to travel. […]

Be Successful by Maximizing your Time

Wow! This is a highly recommended infograph to everyone out there. Millions of people are having a hard time managing their times. I have to admit, I’m like that too. If there’s one thing that I’m bad at, it’s time management. But that doesn’t mean that you should accept the fact that you suck on […]

Stay Away From Distractions

How many times have you been distracted from what you are originally doing? Countless, right? Well, most of us are guilty on that. And there are a lot of times that we can’t finish what we are doing because we are distracted. It’s not a good thing most especially if you have a deadline at […]

Working Harder but Getting Less

      Do you want to know what’s REALLY happening to the working force of America? Reality check, it’s not very good. To give you a glimpse, please refer to the infograph below.         More than half of America’s working population isn’t happy about their job. Even if that is the […]

Online Ads Domination

Recently, I have been searching for infograph relating to online ads. Now, I have found 1. I bet that you already noticed that business owners are triggering their target markets using online ads. Why wouldn’t they do that? Most people are engaged online. Plus, it is cheaper than placing an ad on TV and radio. […]

Should Employers Allow their Employees to Work Remotely

  Some bosses think that working from home isn’t effective. They believe that they need to see their employees to ensure that they are efficient. However, some studies show a different result. I believe that the study is true. I’m working from home too. And to be honest, I’m more efficient now. In a real […]

Why People Love To Work From Home

    Remote working is the new trend. You’ll see a lot of people working from different places except offices. Yes, that’s true. People are working from their own homes, cafes and even from their cars. For old – school employers, this set – up is outrageous. They believe that you have to closely monitor […]

Female Traders Invading The Market

The City can be a hostile environment, whatever your gender. The bear pit-style atmosphere has often proved prohibitive in getting more female traders to enter the world of stock trading, but over the course of the past decade, there has been a huge increase in the number of female traders as this infographic from City Index […]

World Of Designers, Which Do You Think Is The Best

We know that designers earn well. It doesn’t matter if one is an interior designer, a web designer or an industrial designer. All that matters is, they earn decent amount of money. But do you know that there is an internal battle going on? People in the ‘designing’ job are debating which one is the […]

Tunes To Work Productively

Doing the same things every day can be very boring. So, what do you have to do to spare yourself from that boredom. Well, you can listen to great music. Before, I thought that all kinds of music is acceptable and it just depends on your mood. However, the infograph below proved me wrong. There […]

The Best Employee Diet!

I thought that Google is just a model for those who would like to be successful in having their own search engine. However, when I saw this infograph, I can say that what they feed to their employees should inspire other employers. For now, I believe that what I’m saying is a bit vague. So […]

How To Make The Perfect Content In Your Campaign

You are a marketing officer. Obviously, your job is to make great marketing plans for your company. There’s no doubt that you write great tag lines. Apart from that, you have the best illustrators that can back up your texts. But are those enough for your plan to be effective? If NO, then you must […]

Make a Better Working Day Plan for your Employees

You have been employing a lot of people. But one fact remains that there is only a slight increase in the productivity. What do you think is the problem? The infograph below might give you a quick glimpse of the problem and the possible solutions. Just so you know, it’s not the number of employees […]

Give Your Employees A Web Surfing Break

A lot of my friends are working in the corporate industry. Most of them are obviously stressed. When asked what’s the reason for their ‘negative’ vibes, they told me that they are over worked. However, I have some friends who are also in the same industry. Surprisingly, they are happy people. Yes, they have a […]

The New Serial Killer, Work!

Are you workaholic? If you are, you better start looking at the infograph below. I’m sure that after doing so, you will file a vacation leave.     Work isn’t everything. If you spend most of your time working, I believe that you are increasing the risk of being unhealthy. This goes especially for desk […]

Do You Want To Get A Job Fast?

You have been unemployed for months now. You are beginning to think that it’s your fault. Perhaps, you are thinking that you are not good enough. However, there might be other contributing factors on why you are still a couch potato. The infograph below might give you a hint.   What I love about the […]

Let Your Contents Go Viral

Do you know how you can get popular without spending a lot? Post a great (or hilarious) video on YouTube. A lot of stars today were discovered using the new media. Many people can see you and it spreads fast like a rumor. Hence, a lot of companies are using the viral technique for their […]

Jobs Using Social Media, Maximize Your Earnings and Time With These

There’s no doubt that a lot of people are hooked to Social Media sites. We post different photos, status, encouraging quotes, jokes and even rants. During weekends, we glue our eyes to our computer’s monitor, and we glue our fingers to the keyboard. But little did we know that we can get huge bucks from […]

Too Good To Be True Employee – Be One To Get That Promotion

Nobody’s perfect. If you have flaws, that’s fine. But you should exert effort to hide your ‘not – so – needed-‘ attitudes at work. You might find the infographic funny. But if you read between lines, it makes sense.     Let’s dwell on the basic attributes an employee should have. Of course, you need […]