6 Tips to Checking for Burst Pipes

Review of the Layout:

Top notch visualization on this infographic. A consistent style with strong color highlights to draw the readers eye to key information while not hiding behind hazy coloring is great. I also like the varied layout of each fact while remaining consistent in the presentation.

Review of the Content:

Longer explanations can sometimes be valuable when learning how and where to look for issues. Just a few short sentences about each topic is all that is necessary to get across each idea, but they provide information that can prove valuable in a pinch. The typical issues are highlighted here but also something like tree roots or high pressure is covered which can be often forgotten in frantic situations. These are highlighted well in this handy infographic.

Final Verdict:

Wonderful job on the entire package. The content is covered succinctly while providing plenty of information to be useful. The layout itself stays out of the way of the information and keeps the entire flow consistent, just as hopefully your pipes will be once you read all the infographic has to offer.

Source: https://goldcoastplumbingexperts.com.au/plumbing/common-causes-of-burst-water-pipes/

Score: 4.5/5

Tips to Quickly Manage a Burst Water Pipe!

Review of the Layout:

The layout for the infographic is really cute, I really enjoy the way the water is spouting up and out at the top and filling the bottom of the page. A handy checklist at the bottom allows for simple visualization of the entire five step process after the information has been given over, a unique and intelligent placement. I’ll give this high marks for creative use of text breaks using drawings.

Review of the Content:

Down and dirty information that is necessary in the event that a water pipe bursts in your home. The five steps may seem simple today, but in the event of an emergency they are easily forgotten. Noting the small things like turning off the electricity and draining all the pipes after the water is turned off are crucial in an emergency situation. These are highlighted well in this handy infographic.

Final Verdict:

As a whole the infographic does a great job at handing the information over succinctly with no more than a few words per “step.” It flows well and has very undervalued information, I know in the event of an emergency like this I would be thinking back to these five steps to ensure that the problem does not get any worse. Nice work!

Source: https://www.fawcettplumbing.com.au/plumbing-tips/what-to-do-water-leak-emergency/

Score: 4.5/5

water leak emergency

Coronavirus Cases and Deaths: Pakistan

Review on the layout:

Adding backgrounds to full infographics is and can be an incredibly tricky art to use and master in a form that looks good and draw an audience in to help understand where to look. Here the graphic is great at splitting the content to show where the reader should draw their eyes. However, there is a distinct lack of elegance overall that could really heighten the content. The layout is satisfactory for quick information like this, but could be so much more.

Review on the content:

COVID-19. The one thing on the mind of everyone on the planet Earth for the last few weeks. There are people all over the world sheltering-in-place, both by choice and by force. The statistics for this virus are coming from everywhere at an incredible pace. The content below covers many of the topics seen elsewhere, but condensed into one place. Make sure to read over the content and remain distance when able. Stay safe out there everyone.


A quickly prepared, but highly relevant to current world climate, the infographic is suitable to get information out to a broad audience within an acceptable frame of time. Without groups getting this information out to the public there would be no way to know if everyone is over or under reacting to the current measures being put in place. I applaud all the groups doing their part to keep everyone safe, help them recover, and inform them on a daily basis. Keep posting and check out the source of the inforgraphic below.

Source: https://shopsy.pk

Score: 4/5

Coronavirus Pakistan: Projected Cases & Deaths by 14th April Infographic