What You Might Not Know About Coffee Consumption.

Review on the Layout: A refreshing take on both color scheme and vertical layout. When I think coffee i wouldn’t immediately think baby blue and orange, but after some thought the colors are great for resembling early morning, or coffee. Each section representing additional factoids is smart design and makes it so that there is […]

The Evolution and Acceptance of Cosmetic Surgery

Review on the layout: From top to bottom the layout is pleasing to the eye with strong picture and text breaks to ensure the reader can follow the information. I enjoy the calming color combination while being simplistic and not over-done. Review on the content: Cosmetic Surgery indeed has been accepted more in the last […]

What Is Follicular Transfer?

Review on the layout: The images and texts says it all. They’re very nice, cool and well-placed. Review on the content: This is a very useful infographic specially for men that are having trouble with hair loss. Male pattern balding is genetically linked due to the impact of male hormones on hair follicles. There currently […]

Another Perspective for Male’s Facial Hairs – Why We Love Men with Moustache

I have to admit, when I first saw this infograph I was, “What? Who would make an infograph about beards?” I’m sure most of you are thinking the same now.  But as I start reading the contents of this infograph, everything changed my perspective about moustaches. Let me tell you why. The infograph was divided […]