Coronavirus Cases and Deaths: Pakistan

Review on the layout: Adding backgrounds to full infographics is and can be an incredibly tricky art to use and master in a form that looks good and draw an audience in to help understand where to look. Here the graphic is great at splitting the content to show where the reader should draw their […]

What You Might Not Know About Coffee Consumption.

Review on the Layout: A refreshing take on both color scheme and vertical layout. When I think coffee i wouldn’t immediately think baby blue and orange, but after some thought the colors are great for resembling early morning, or coffee. Each section representing additional factoids is smart design and makes it so that there is […]

Put Old Coffee Grounds to Use

Review of the Layout: The upbeat graphics littered throughout this infographic adds an almost whimsical tone to the subject matter. As the reader scrolls though the different ways to recycle their used coffee grounds a feeling of intelligence forms as they see in little pictures different ways that they may recycle their coffee. The color […]

Americans – No.1 wine-consumers in the world!

Review on the layout:  The images, texts and graphs are neatly put into place. Just one glance and it looks like you can already see the entire history of wine production in the U.S. Review on the content:  The stats on wine production/sales/consumption in the U.S.  and the types of alcohol U.S. adults prefer are […]

Africa, Hungry for Electricity

Most of us know that poverty in Africa is bad. In fact, there are a lot of photos from Africa that depict the poverty life. Images of malnourished kids from Africa are too much to bear. But do you know that food is not the only thing that Africa needs? They are also hungry for […]

No Job? Let’s Create Our Own

This infograph is inspiring to those who are currently jobless.   Why not be your own boss? You just need to be creative in making your business. It doesn’t have to be huge. In fact, you don’t need a lot of capital. Instead of drowning yourself in depression because of the job you lost, think of other […]

Know What to Buy, Be A Smart Shopper

When it comes to information, I believe that this infograph is very useful. We must learn what to buy and when to buy items. That can really maximize your savings. I like how the graph was organized. It’s easy to understand and you can make this your own guide as well. There’s a daily guide […]

Money Flow of An Average Joe

Living the American Dream. People from different continents would love to live in the US thinking that life would be perfect there. But you might want to check out this infographic before you decide to file your papers in the embassy. This is the real American Life. Yes, you can live a decent life for […]

Female Traders Invading The Market

The City can be a hostile environment, whatever your gender. The bear pit-style atmosphere has often proved prohibitive in getting more female traders to enter the world of stock trading, but over the course of the past decade, there has been a huge increase in the number of female traders as this infographic from City Index […]

Need Money, What’s The Best Solution

You were too excited to purchase different items these past few months. Currently, you are using the latest android phone and the best laptop your money can buy. But when you checked your savings, it’s almost down to nothing. Now, there’s one problem. There are other expenses that you have to pay immediately. If I […]

Can I Still Go To College?

Most of us worry about the gas prices. However, only few people think about the college tuition fees. If you must know, college fees have increased dramatically. And if this will continue, only few Americans will have a quality education. I wasn’t aware of it until I found the infograph below.     Let’s be […]

New Perspective On Online Shoppers

Are you planning on having your own business? Would you like to be your own boss and have bigger source of income? If you answered yes on both questions, I have something for you. I would recommend that you put this infograph in mind. You should consider venturing an online store so you can get […]

We Talk About Peace, But Do We Mean It?

I was browsing over different inforgraphs. Today, what I have below shocked me. In fact, I almost fell over. Sad to say, the crime rate increases over time. Yes, the government is doing something about it. But what I don’t get though is that they are hiring more people to fight in combats and to […]

I’m Living With My Parents, So What?

How old are you? If you are in your early 20s, chances are you are living with your parents. I’m not saying that there is something wrong with that. However, you should know that years ago, things are different. Most kids live on their own months after graduating from college. Do you want to know […]

What was the Cost of Being Rich in the 60’s

Most of us would like to live a good life. That means, we want to book a night in a 5 star hotel with an expensive wine on the right hand and dollars on the left. But that seems impossible given the downturn of the economy. However, do you know that your savings now were […]

Scarcity of Food, Is It Near?

Every minute, a new life is born. Every minute, another mouth needs to be fed. But do we have enough to feed them? I notice that big players in the corporate industries are very much involved in venturing into new businesses. They build large financial institutions, BPO companies and all those ‘glamorous jobs’. However, they […]

Female Domination, America’s Economy in the Hands of Women

Long gone are the days that male workers dominate the US economy. I believe that the tables have turned. According to recent statistics, women in the US are contributing a lot in the economy. And that’s by setting up their small businesses. Just so you know, these small enterprises provided millions of jobs in the […]