In-App Purchases: Not for Kids

Review on the layout: This infographic is very neatly made. It’s somehow looks like something you’ll show in a business meeting. Cool looking graphs and charts. All in all the layout is nicely made. Review on the content: This infographic shows that in-app for kids aren’t really good for big businesses. Why? Well, we may […]

Single Mothers on a Budget

Review on the layout: I like this infographic layout, the text, images and colors are just perfect. I just love looking at it. Review on the content: This is a really nice infographic. As we all know, there are lots of single moms out there that are having troubles when it come to financial needs. […]

Sleep – Deprived Mommies

Are you a new mom? Perhaps, you are also experiencing lack of sleep. Well, you are not alone. In the infograph below, you’ll see how sleep is becoming a challenge for new moms. Because of lack of sleep, a lot of new moms are becoming exhausted and tired. Well, who wouldn’t? Taking care of a […]