The Best of Albuquerque 2014

Review on the layout: A very colorful infographic if you ask me. The images together with the texts and numbers has this Albuquerque feel into it. It’s like a part if not all of Albuquerque is placed into a single infographic, this one. Review on the content: This is a nice and very informative infographic […]

Tips and Advice for Travelers with Hearing Loss

Review on the layout: This one is nice, it has cool looking images and graphs. The colors aren’t to bright to the extent of hurting my eyes, it’s cool and relaxing. Review on the content: Traveling while having hearing loss spells trouble. It’s easy to get in trouble cause you can’t communicate well with people. […]

Some Facts about Travel

Review on the layout:  The layout is awesome, specially the images of the airplanes, cellphones, phone cards, briefcases, dollars, hotels, cup of coffee and people. You can really tell that this info graph is all about traveling. Review on the content:  The content is a very helpful information specially for people that travels a lot […]

The Best Vacation for a Low Cost

Infographic by CJ Pony Parts Review on the layout:  The layout is clean. But I would like to see more colors to have that ‘vacation’ feel. Or perhaps, include photos of real people on a staycation. That’s going to engage more people to choose local destinations for their next relaxation weekend. Review on the content: […]

Behaving Properly in Parks – What One Must Do

On days when one would like to relax, visiting a local park might be a good idea. Sniffing fresh air will do you good. Seeing other people laughing or playing Frisbee will lessen your stress. However, some of our local parks are being neglected or worse, being abused by other visitors. They don’t know how to behave […]

Make the Most Out of your Trip in the Land Down Under

Australia is undeniably a very great tourist destination. The people, the culture and the sites are to be witnessed. If you want to do something real fun and can only be experienced in Australia, why not visit the ‘Big Things’? For those who are unaware, Australia’s big things are large sculptures which can be found […]

A Must See Icons in the United States

United States of America. People all over the world would like to visit USA. In fact, some would like to live in the US. Why wouldn’t they be? Even regular employees can have a decent life. Other countries are not like that. In some countries, even if you work hard, you won’t be able to […]