Coronavirus Cases and Deaths: Pakistan

Review on the layout: Adding backgrounds to full infographics is and can be an incredibly tricky art to use and master in a form that looks good and draw an audience in to help understand where to look. Here the graphic is great at splitting the content to show where the reader should draw their […]

The Anatomy of Work Boots

Review on the layout: Layout for infographics on this scale are always difficult to get right. Here we see an introduction, information about the boots and how they’re categorized, and an ending to stress to the user factors they should consider when purchasing a pair. While perhaps a bit too text-heavy for top-marks, I do […]

Help Prevent Ingrown Toenails!

Review of the Layout: Strong use of color here really allows the readers eyes to focus on areas that are most important. I tend to disagree with plain white text on any background, as it is almost always better visually to use a black outlined text with white fill, but in this case it does […]

Synthetic Urine

Review of the Layout: The layout is very nice and uses the color spectrum to it’s advantage. Creating numerous locations for new colors to pop into vision of the reader makes it so the infographic keeps moving, getting the information out naturally. I would recommend adding some additional spacing to the top by scaling the […]

A Brief History of Fitness Wearables!

Review of the Layout: At first glance the infographic appears to be a little too busy. However, on deeper inspection there is a distinct hierarchy that develops that proves to serve the intended flow of information well. There is a vibe that develops that as the infographic flows down one is digging deeper below the […]

The Evolution and Acceptance of Cosmetic Surgery

Review on the layout: From top to bottom the layout is pleasing to the eye with strong picture and text breaks to ensure the reader can follow the information. I enjoy the calming color combination while being simplistic and not over-done. Review on the content: Cosmetic Surgery indeed has been accepted more in the last […]

Differences Between Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis

Review on the layout: This one is very cute, I’m referring to the images. They’re like a white humanoid clay things. The layout is also nice and I like looking at it. Review on the content: This infographic is all about osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, the two most common forms of arthritis that most people […]

Asbestos – is the UK’s biggest cause of work related deaths set to continue

Review on the layout: All I can say about the layout of this infographic is that it’s well prepared and well made. The map of UK broke down into regions looks nice paired together with statistics. The graph is kinda unique hence it’s rarely used so i find it unique. Review on the content: This […]

Equine Assisted Therapy

Review on the layout: I like this one, it’s colorful and the images are so full of life. Not to mention my love for horses, I just love the horse in this infographic. Review on the content: Depression and mood disorder has been a part of our daily lives now due to the time we […]

Osteoarthritis in the UK: A closer look

Review on the layout: I like this one. What really caught my eyes are the dolls, they’re very cute. Review on the content: This is a very informative infographic because osteoarthritis is a common type of suffering among women, not just in the U.K. but around the glove. Knowing the symptoms and how to deal […]

What Is Follicular Transfer?

Review on the layout: The images and texts says it all. They’re very nice, cool and well-placed. Review on the content: This is a very useful infographic specially for men that are having trouble with hair loss. Male pattern balding is genetically linked due to the impact of male hormones on hair follicles. There currently […]

Transvaginal Mesh Complications

Review on the layout: This infographic is a bit smaller than the usual infographics I’ve seen before. It’s small but it speaks of a serious matter about women. The layout is very nice and well-made with cool-looking pictures, colors and text. Review on the content: This infographic is all about a serious matter concerning thousands […]

Recall for the Stryker Hip Stems

Review on the layout:  The layout of this info graph is really nice. The images, text and colors are just right. The images really shows what the text says about this type of device. Review on the content:  Knowing the side effects that comes with using this type of hip stem is really helpful. This […]

PTSD, How Can One Cure It?

PSTD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This is what the infograph is all about. Well, very timely if you ask me. There are a lot of people who suffer from PSTD. It’s about time that we understand even the basics of this disorder. The question is… Is this infograph helpful?   Review on the content: […]

Which Running Shoes is Best for You

  Running, without a doubt, is a great activity. It is both healthy and not to mention, eco- friendly. But running should be taken seriously. If you wear the wrong pair of shoes, you might get yourself injured. Good looking shoes don’t necessarily mean that they are the perfect ones. We have different feet structures […]

American Eating Habits, Is It Good

This is a very simple infograph. I actually think that it is too simple. They should have added more information. It would be helpful if they add sample diets which Americans should follow. That way, this infograph can be more helpful.   The layout is fine. It’s not cluttered. But as I have said, it […]

Snooze Time, Get Enough Sleep

  Are you a nocturnal person?   Are you always having late night outs with your friends?   Do you think that you are depriving yourself from enough sleep? Well, if you answered YES, this is the perfect infograph. It tells you the cons of not sleeping properly. For sure, you will be able to […]

Get Fit by Eating Breakfast

  Are you on a diet?   Would you like to lose some pounds?   If you are, it is important that you take a look at this infograph. Know why you have to eat breakfast. I have seen my friends starving themselves the whole day thinking that it is effective to shed off the […]

Emergency Water Anyone?

Our planet is abundant of water. In fact, the earth consists of ¾ water and ¼ land. However, there is a scarcity of clean water. We don’t have a lot of good water supply. Unfortunate people might not be able to afford those purified water being sold in convenience stores. Well, we just have the […]

Why People Are Going Vegan

Some people say that going vegan isn’t that healthy. Some say that you won’t get the required nutrition if you go vegan. Some say that you’ll go lumpy if you don’t eat meat. Well, the infograph below defies these statements. This graph is a learning tool. If you want to maintain your weight, or if […]

HIV is Killing Our Young Ladies

Safe sex. There are a lot of advertisements saying that we should practice safe sex. From televisions to internet, millions of people are participating in such advocacy. An on going issue which killed innocent people. And now, the statistics gone bad. Every minute, one young lady becomes infected with HIV. We know that if you […]

What To Know About Human Anatomy

Hey! This is something which you can add in the general information part of your brain. This is fun, I tell you… Are you ready?     Who would have thought that there are a lot of interesting facts about our body? And who would have thought that implants and transplants have their own timeline? […]

The Best Employee Diet!

I thought that Google is just a model for those who would like to be successful in having their own search engine. However, when I saw this infograph, I can say that what they feed to their employees should inspire other employers. For now, I believe that what I’m saying is a bit vague. So […]

The New Serial Killer, Work!

Are you workaholic? If you are, you better start looking at the infograph below. I’m sure that after doing so, you will file a vacation leave.     Work isn’t everything. If you spend most of your time working, I believe that you are increasing the risk of being unhealthy. This goes especially for desk […]

Keep That Frown Upside Down

Wouldn’t this world be a nice place to live in if all people will smile? There’s no doubt that we always want to see pleasant faces instead of the frowning ones, right? Frowning faces can ruin one’s day. Believe me, it is contagious. If you think that a pretty smile is just to look charming, […]

Cellphones Are Deadly Weapon

Admit the fact that you can’t live without your mobile phones. In fact, right now, you have yours inches away from you. As much as you want to stay connected, you have to minimize the use of your device. You can call me a loser for now. However, I’m sure that you are going to […]

Percentage of Unhealthy Brain

We often make fun of those people who tend to be forgetful. But did you ever consider what they are going through? People think that it’s normal for old people to forget things. Just so you know, it’s very unhealthy. Most of the time, it’s a symptom of graver illnesses.   The infograph that I’m […]

Take a Quick Shower, Conserve Water

If you are living in a decent neighborhood, I don’t think you are having a lot of problems when it comes to water supply. If my guess is right, you are using your bath tub once a week, the least. You are living the good life. But do you know that a lot of people […]

Facebook Is Not For All Industry

Almost all of us are engaged in Facebook. We update our accounts and we post the latest photos (even if we don’t look cute). We share videos of the most famous celebrities and we mock the simplest mismatch of outfits. However, do we really care about posts and videos about health? Only few people do. […]

Scarcity of Food, Is It Near?

Every minute, a new life is born. Every minute, another mouth needs to be fed. But do we have enough to feed them? I notice that big players in the corporate industries are very much involved in venturing into new businesses. They build large financial institutions, BPO companies and all those ‘glamorous jobs’. However, they […]

Slow Suicide – Cigarette Facts

I wouldn’t say that I’m not a smoker. But when I saw this infographic, I immediately want to stop. For years I have been smoking like a chimney. I get a cigarette one after the other. It seems that it is my addiction. And I’m sure a lot of people are like me. Please check […]

Women’s Health, Not Just About The Face

As we watch the television, we see different beauty products. We see whitening creams, stretch mark removers and underarm treatments. But only few advertisements give way to what is important. It’s about the women’s health with regard to pregnancy. I think that we should be alarmed by this. They say that ‘the more the merrier’. […]