What You Might Not Know About Coffee Consumption.

Review on the Layout: A refreshing take on both color scheme and vertical layout. When I think coffee i wouldn’t immediately think baby blue and orange, but after some thought the colors are great for resembling early morning, or coffee. Each section representing additional factoids is smart design and makes it so that there is […]

Put Old Coffee Grounds to Use

Review of the Layout: The upbeat graphics littered throughout this infographic adds an almost whimsical tone to the subject matter. As the reader scrolls though the different ways to recycle their used coffee grounds a feeling of intelligence forms as they see in little pictures different ways that they may recycle their coffee. The color […]

The Best of Albuquerque 2014

Review on the layout: A very colorful infographic if you ask me. The images together with the texts and numbers has this Albuquerque feel into it. It’s like a part if not all of Albuquerque is placed into a single infographic, this one. Review on the content: This is a nice and very informative infographic […]

Celebrating the 4th of July

Review on the layout:  The layout is awesome, you can feel the 4th of July in the air. To top it up, the images are really cool. Review on the content:  Learning about the Patriotic Songs is a good way to show your patriotism. Celebrating the 4th of July through partying is a nice way […]

Americans – No.1 wine-consumers in the world!

Review on the layout:  The images, texts and graphs are neatly put into place. Just one glance and it looks like you can already see the entire history of wine production in the U.S. Review on the content:  The stats on wine production/sales/consumption in the U.S.  and the types of alcohol U.S. adults prefer are […]

American Eating Habits, Is It Good

This is a very simple infograph. I actually think that it is too simple. They should have added more information. It would be helpful if they add sample diets which Americans should follow. That way, this infograph can be more helpful.   The layout is fine. It’s not cluttered. But as I have said, it […]

Scarcity of Food, Is It Near?

Every minute, a new life is born. Every minute, another mouth needs to be fed. But do we have enough to feed them? I notice that big players in the corporate industries are very much involved in venturing into new businesses. They build large financial institutions, BPO companies and all those ‘glamorous jobs’. However, they […]