Customizing your Football Visor

Review on the Layout: Through out the entire infographic there are great uses of color and numbering to differentiate points. If there were a few critiques I have for it they would be to use a black background and white number for each of the 1-10 ‘stars’ and to not alternate such a light gray […]

How Semi-Automatic Paintball Guns Work

Review on the layout: I’m really out of words for this one. “WOW” is the only thing I can say for this infographic. The animated paintball gun is just so amazeballs. It took be about an hour before I can start writing this review cause I all did was stare at its amazeness. Review on […]

ScS #SofaCelebrations

Review on the layout: It’s a really nice infographic with all those colors and nice images. Just one look at it I can say it has something to do with Brazil and the only one thing that came in mind is football. Review on the content: If you’re a big football fan but can’t go […]

Which Running Shoes is Best for You

  Running, without a doubt, is a great activity. It is both healthy and not to mention, eco- friendly. But running should be taken seriously. If you wear the wrong pair of shoes, you might get yourself injured. Good looking shoes don’t necessarily mean that they are the perfect ones. We have different feet structures […]

Which Sports Should You Bet?

If you are a fan of sport betting, you might want to check out this infograph. Yes, it is very simple. However, the figures can help you know which sports you can easily get huge money from betting. How they organize the infograph is pretty smart too. You can find the league, the nation and […]

London Olympics, Did they Spend Too Much?

  We all know that it’s not easy to host a huge sporting event. One has to prepare for years. And by doing so, they need to allot huge amount of budget. That goes the same with what happened in the London Olympics. Indeed, the London Olympics this year was amazing. The opening ceremony reminds […]

Jamaicans, The Best Runners

Sports buffs know that Jamaicans are good in running. They have proven that in different events. But do we really know why Jamaicans are good in running? Well, this infograph will show you why.        I find this infograph really amazing. Jamaicans are great when it comes to running because of different factors. […]

Would You Play These Games In The Olympics

  All sports fanatics are excited for the London Olympics 2012. Athletes are working out for months, even years, for this event. But would you like to know some ‘funny facts’ about previous Olympic events? In the infograph below, you’ll see some of the funniest and weirdest games played in Olympics. This proves that humans are […]

Effects Of New Media To Sports Buffs, TV and Radio Producers

Are you a sport – buff? If you are, perhaps you are using the internet to check out the latest sports news. You know what, you are not alone! Years ago, we rely on TVs and radios for the sports update. But now, those 2 sources seem to fade on a sport buff’s list. With […]