How to Unblock a Drain

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Review on the layout:

Easy on the eyes and with the inclusion of small nudging arrows between sections to keep the readers eyes moving are the highlights of this graphic. The small art pieces have a charm to them that are pretty common to the infograph space, but do their jobs and are relevant to each piece of information that they accompany. Solid layout.

Review on the content:

How to unblock a drain, it seems easy enough, right? Well sometimes your kid drops your wedding ring in the drain, or an entire tube of toothpaste. Then what do you do? Well this short list of progressively more involved attempts at unblocking the drain can help your sanity.


The simple layout and relevant content for any homeowner or tenant makes for this to be one strong infographic. Knowing exactly where to start can help someone who often stresses over small things like this to walk through the process efficiently and avoid having to call an expensive plumber for something minor. Check out the original at the link below!


Score: 4/5

how to unblock a drain infographic