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Review of the Layout: Extremely simplistic look on this infographic, divides the information into short, easily-digestible pieces. The increasing red hue in the background of the numbers is interesting as it draws increasing attention to more urgent points. Overall it is a perfect read. Review of the Content: Even though I have never written any […]

Live Streaming & Business

Review on the layout: Immediately I notice that the infographic has a sleek and modern style to it that allows the content to be scanned easily. As this is a guide it was critical to get the correct flow and it was created flawlessly. Review on the content: We are looking at an extremely good […]

Tips and Advice for Travelers with Hearing Loss

Review on the layout: This one is nice, it has cool looking images and graphs. The colors aren’t to bright to the extent of hurting my eyes, it’s cool and relaxing. Review on the content: Traveling while having hearing loss spells trouble. It’s easy to get in trouble cause you can’t communicate well with people. […]

Communication Showdown: Just Pick Up The Phone!

Review on the layout: This is a nice Infographic to look at. The images and text are great. It clearly illustrate what this Infographic is all about. The color blending is just so right that it’s not too bright to hurt your eye nor too dark that you can barely see it. Review on the […]