Tips to Quickly Manage a Burst Water Pipe!

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Review of the Layout:

The layout for the infographic is really cute, I really enjoy the way the water is spouting up and out at the top and filling the bottom of the page. A handy checklist at the bottom allows for simple visualization of the entire five step process after the information has been given over, a unique and intelligent placement. I’ll give this high marks for creative use of text breaks using drawings.

Review of the Content:

Down and dirty information that is necessary in the event that a water pipe bursts in your home. The five steps may seem simple today, but in the event of an emergency they are easily forgotten. Noting the small things like turning off the electricity and draining all the pipes after the water is turned off are crucial in an emergency situation. These are highlighted well in this handy infographic.

Final Verdict:

As a whole the infographic does a great job at handing the information over succinctly with no more than a few words per “step.” It flows well and has very undervalued information, I know in the event of an emergency like this I would be thinking back to these five steps to ensure that the problem does not get any worse. Nice work!


Score: 4.5/5

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