9 House Planning Tips

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Review on the layout:

There are numerous moving parts to this graphic; Cute images, relevant diagrams, graphs, and standout fact sections. All these pieces blend together to create a cohesive whole that conveys the overall message of the infographic incredibly well. There is no wasted space only intentional white space that allows each element to successfully breathe and gives the reader to process the information giving them sensory overload.

Review on the content:

Most individuals could tell you the most important rooms in a home, or that you want a north-south facing lot to avoid most of the sun for cooling purposes. However, this infographic has great tidbits of information about rooms that most people never really consider – the garage and laundry rooms. The content here that could assist both new and future homeowners consider more that an open floor plan about their future home layout is wonderful.


There are very few infographics that are both pleasing to look at and provide actual information that is helpful to a large swath of the general population. How many people really know about a barrier room between the garage and the rest of the house to provide ventilation? The group over at Truoba has done a wonderful job with the content and design of this graphic. Top marks.

Source: https://www.truoba.com/house-plans-tips/

Score: 5/5

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