A Checklist To Plan Your Next Party!

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Help plan your next party with this checklist!

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Help plan your next party with this checklist!

Review on the Layout:

I really enjoy how this checklist was set up! It not only allows the individual to go through the typical progression of party planning, but also allows for some templates to help keep track of what still needs to be done. It even has a space to keep track of who is showing up! The whole infographic has a very cute and lighthearted vibe, incredibly well done.

Review on the Content:

For what the infographic is attempting to cover, party planning, I think that it does a fantastic job hitting not only the obvious with an RSVP checklist, but also spaces to put a contact for photographers and any planned games. There is not any additional content that I could really ask for when it comes to an encompassing checklist.

Final Verdict:

Cute, clean, and complete. Those are the three words I would use to describe this awesome infographic. If you want to use it for your next party go ahead and click here to see the infographic in whole.

Ultimate Party Planning Checklist Infographic