Adding Space to your Home!

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Review on the layout:

While red on blue is not my first choice for pairings, this infographic at least sticks to it’s guns when working with a color scheme. The layout in general is totally fine, but small text hurts the otherwise fine layout. I like the small graphic house shown to reflect each room of the house.

Review on the content:

Adding more space to your home can be a really large commitment, but it can have huge benefits beyond what you would normally expect. The information in the infographic lays out a strong argument for each room based off an individuals needs and I think it does a good job informing those interested in some great positives to each.


Overall this infographic has some wonderful information to peruse. It has a few readability issues with the chosen font size and color scheme, but it can be forgiven provided the strong amount of relevant information contained within.


Score: 4/5

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