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Wonderful tips to remember when professionally writing.

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Wonderful tips to remember when professionally writing.

Review of the Layout:

Extremely simplistic look on this infographic, divides the information into short, easily-digestible pieces. The increasing red hue in the background of the numbers is interesting as it draws increasing attention to more urgent points. Overall it is a perfect read.

Review of the Content:

Even though I have never written any professional piece beyond this website I can speak to the truth behind these points, particularly the final four. Always make sure to read what you write aloud to ensure no silly grammatical mistakes have found themselves into your work, keep it on topic for your desired audience, and have another person review it. These tips are very relevant to any kind of writer; I recommend saving this image if you are looking to do any type of professional writing in the future.


Wonderful combination of relevant information and digestible format. I would rate this a 4.7 out of 5. Whether you are writing a professional email or looking to break out as an author definitely keep these tips saved and in mind while writing.

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