Australian Recycling Facts You Need To Know!

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Review on the layout:

The layout appears very, but that actually helps push some of the messaging for the overall theme. Clearly separating each of the sections of information into well contained colors helps the reader navigate to areas/information in the infographic that pertain most to them. While a holistic approach is still possible by informing the reader that each section is changing the topics.

Review on the content:

The content here is wonderful. It says a value statement early by showing the reader why we need to recycle and the ways that it will help both our communities and our environments. Then it leads into some general facts as to why these types of policies remain important and the whole effect they generate. finally it caps off by listing a recycling dos and dont’s list to help people get started. There were even a few pieces in here that I was not aware could not be recycled. The more you know!


Great infographic with a holistic theme that gets the point across. The sectioned content allows a reader to choose which pieces are relevant for themselves, while still maintaining a clean presentation. Check out the original per the link below for more information!


Score: 4/5

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