YouTube: The Video Giant

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Awesome facts about YouTube

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Awesome facts about YouTube

Review of the Layout:

Wonderful, clean layout that allows the reader to peruse the information quickly and without any hindering blunders with the design. Interesting facts are restated occasionally with banners, and each section obviously separated with blue cross-sections. It is hard to make anything more clear than what has been composed here. A small critique would be changing the title font color to better enhance readability. Currently it fits well with the theme, but on certain monitor settings it could get very easily lost in the darker blue background. Otherwise – I love the simplicity.

Review of the Content:

YouTube. Our second home on the internet next to Facebook. There have been enormous pop culture phenomena built around just a singular creating on the site. I will not spoil too much that is included in this glamorous piece, but without YouTube I do not think that there would be such a clamoring for media on the internet, who knows. I digress – the content here is awesome, much of the view statistics I would not have even been able to guess and the amount of money some of these full time ‘YouTubers’ make is astronomical. Thank you for sharing Filmora this is awesome.


I love it, the content is relevant and the layout is very well done. As a whole I woulld give this a 4.9 out of 5 for only a desired color change on the title font. Check out the whole infographic in the original site here.