What You Might Not Know About Coffee Consumption.

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solid piece

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solid piece

Review on the Layout:

A refreshing take on both color scheme and vertical layout. When I think coffee i wouldn’t immediately think baby blue and orange, but after some thought the colors are great for resembling early morning, or coffee. Each section representing additional factoids is smart design and makes it so that there is no confusion where one stops and another begins. Cute design as a whole package.

Review of the Content:

Incredible statistics here for a numbers nerd. I would have guessed that coffee shops sold more in a single year, given the enormous elephant that coffee has become in our society, but it is still rather interesting. Rather surprising figure that only 32.7% of women drink coffee. Great information here that can be enjoyed by all.


As a package I enjoyed this infographic from the group at Lazy Health, it has some interesting information in a digestible and comforting color scheme plus linear layout. I would give this piece a solid 4.7 out of 5. Checkout the original post on here.