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Doing the same things every day can be very boring. So, what do you have to do to spare yourself from that boredom. Well, you can listen to great music. Before, I thought that all kinds of music is acceptable and it just depends on your mood. However, the infograph below proved me wrong. There are specific genres which you have to put in your playlist. And that will depend on your working environment.



What I like about the illustration above is that it is giving you specific genres and it explains why you should include it in your playlist. It is obvious that sounds or music influence our mood for the whole day. Hence, you have to choose which is applicable so you will be able to finish your job.

This infograph is highly recommended. I believe that HR people should share this with their employees. If they will follow the suggested music for their work, you can see great results.

Print or send this via email. It’s fun to read!