Divorcing? Remember, Communication is Key.

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Always remember to communicate, even if it is difficult.

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Always remember to communicate, even if it is difficult.

Review of the Layout:

Perfect theme coordination between topic information and visuals. The chalkboard effect is actually really cute and adds a minimal reminder to the heavy topic of divorce to think of the children involved. The theme attempts to keep the topic on a lighter note, something that is necessary in this context, it is very enjoyable.

Review of the Content:

For the social stigma that divorce with children draws to people, having resources to help make the transition is wonderful and these tips are no different. The tips are all obvious to an outside individual, but when going through emotional turmoil like divorce the simple things can be easily forgotten. It all boils down to one thing, communication. If two parents are not communicating they will not be doing their children any help if they have made the decision to divorce around school starting. Wonderful tips here, definitely forward these to anyone who might need a reminder, keep the children first.


Wonderful message to keep communicating even in the worst emotional turmoil most will ever experience. I would rate the whole infographic at 4.8 out of 5. Hopefully more of these can be made in the future and continue to serve as reminders that our children are the most important part of the world and their success is our most important job.

Check out Schultz & Associates who were kind enough to share this piece. If you are just interested in the original infographic check here.

Divorce Before School Starts