Customizing your Football Visor

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Great look at the different technologies that go into a Football Visor.

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Great look at the different technologies that go into a Football Visor.

Review on the Layout:

Through out the entire infographic there are great uses of color and numbering to differentiate points. If there were a few critiques I have for it they would be to use a black background and white number for each of the 1-10 ‘stars’ and to not alternate such a light gray and white directly following the other. Otherwise this infographic looks like it has been put together well.

Review on the Content:

I really enjoyed reading about all the different types of technologies that can go into a football visor. All of the technologies are described in more detail on WeeTect’s website. The idea that so many different types of shading and anti-scratch material can be used to create football visors is astounding. I recommend that everyone head over to the link above and read up on all the interesting details on the technologies.

Final Verdict:

A very interesting and eye-pleasing look at what types of materials can be used to go into a traditional football visor, something I never would have imagined had so many possibilities. I advise anyone who is interested in the purchase of a visor to check out what they offer at WeeTect. I’m certain that you’ll find something that works for you. Great work on this great infographic!