Common Plumbing Problems

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Review on the layout:

Cute graphics, simple sections to step through each problem is presents with possible solutions, this is a well done graphic. None of the colors clash off each other and the information flows down (just like water down a drain) organically.

Review on the content:

The content here is wonderful for new renters or first time homeowners. There are so many different things that can happen to your drains, be it sinks, showers, toilets, or dishwashers that having something can help in a comprehensive way like is listed below is a wonderful resource. Each of the sections lays out the problem and provides a multitude of solutions for easing or fixing the problem. Well done.


This is a great resource for old and new individuals alike. While over the course of living alone many of these will and likely have come up over time there is always different things that happen that you may not know how to fix. The below and the site this comes from has some awesome information to aid identifying and fixing the problem.


Score: 4/5

6 Common Plumbing Problems Infographic