Daddies Are Your New Online Target Market

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Most online marketing specialists would create plans targeted on females. Well, who can blame them? It seems that the ‘queens’ are more interested in entertaining ads seen over the internet. It’s as if they have more time to check the world wide web.

But do you know that a recent study shows a different thing? The infograph below will tell you that daddies are a great market for your online business.

This can be a bit surprising for most people. But hey, that’s real statistics! And actually, this is a good news. As a business minded person, you can expand your product. Instead of only selling women’s garments, you can increase your inventory and add some manly clothes. Reading between the lines, you can be more profitable.

It’s about time that you start creating marketing plans for our techie – dads too. They can be a very hot market for your new products.