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Review on the layout:

This animated graphic has a serious serious tone for a very serious topic. A bold introduction leads into a great way to highlight areas of home invasion that should definitely be regularly checked. The color scheme is very subdued and blends well together. Love it.

Review on the content:

To be completely honest, this content is perfect for the current state of affairs for the world. For people who are seldom home, we are all likely locked away unable to leave. This is the perfect time to inspect the home and make sure it is capable of defending itself against prying eyes and opportunistic thieves. There has never been a greater time than now to ensure that your home is secure to give you a peace of mind when we can return to a normally functioning world.


The simple but serious aesthetic of this infographic, in combination with the perfect timing to have people think about their home security systems while idling away in their own homes is wonderful. All these suggestions make perfect sense with explanations that can’t be argued. Over the next few weeks inspect each one of these areas to ensure that you won’t be caught off guard the next time you leave home.

Source: https://citiguard.com.au/home-security-tips/

Home Security Tips Infographic