Keep That Frown Upside Down

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Wouldn’t this world be a nice place to live in if all people will smile? There’s no doubt that we always want to see pleasant faces instead of the frowning ones, right? Frowning faces can ruin one’s day. Believe me, it is contagious.

If you think that a pretty smile is just to look charming, think again. My thoughts about the inverted frown changed when I saw this infograph. It’s a must see!

I am 100% sure that you will try to smile often once you are done seeing the illustration below.



See all the health benefits? If you are smiling, you can spend less on medications and surgeries to look younger. All you need is to flash your teeth. Never mind if you have yellow teeth. All that matter is, you smile from within.

According to the infograph above, women smile more often than men. No wonder they look old in their 30s.

Even if you are problematic, always manage to make a smile. Again, it is easier than frowning. You are using less muscles.

Share this infograph to those who are always sad. Tell them that they need to smile. It’s a prescription that is cheap and easy to do.