Making Your Prom Night Memorable Without Breaking Your Bank Account

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I would say that High School is really fun. There’s no wonder that a lot of teens would like every moment of it memorable. They do crazy stunts and even spends thousands of dollars for their prom.

Speaking of prom, I found this infograph very interesting. I never knew that kids would spend hefty amount for a day. What shocked me more is that the parents of these kids are actually OK with it. If you don’t know what I mean, you might want to check out the graph below.




There’s nothing wrong if you want to make your prom night memorable. After all, it comes once in a blue moon. But don’t you think that you can do it without spending too much? As a maturing person, you must be able to know how to become practical. You have to know which items are REALLY important and which can be crossed out from your list.

I’m going to ask you some questions and choose which is a more practical option.

  • Would you get a designer dress, or would you look for a great seamstress to have her own version of the designer dress?
  • Would you rent a luxurious limo, or skip that and just look for a decent and cheaper ride?
  • Would you eat in a very expensive restaurant, or would you prepare home cooked meals and ask your friends to spend the after party at home?

I actually agree on the infograph’s final words…

“…it is possible to create a memorable night for the teen of your family…doesn’t have to leave a huge dent in your wallet”.