Maximizing The Instagram Hype, Tips For Professors And College Students

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If you are a facebook user, it is impossible that you miss ‘instagram’ photos. If you are not using it, I’m sure one of your friends are.

It seems that people are now more interested on photos rather than the ‘textual’ updates. Obviously, it’s a stronger proof that you are ‘active’ or you are doing something worth posting. I mean, if you just update your status without photos, it is highly unlikely that people will ‘like’ it. But if you post photos,or even just one, you’ll be receiving sky high likes and comments.

Generally, we use instagram for photo sharing. But do you know that as a college student or professor, you can maximize its potential?

After reading the first part of the infograph, I would like you to focus on the latter part.


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Just make sure that you are sharing sensible photos which will keep other people interested. Don’t flood one’s wall by posting your ‘hollywood – wanna – be’ photos. If you want to introduce yourself and make a mark using instagram, share what is worth it.