Put Old Coffee Grounds to Use

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Neat infographic on recycling coffee grounds

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Neat infographic on recycling coffee grounds

Review of the Layout:

The upbeat graphics littered throughout this infographic adds an almost whimsical tone to the subject matter. As the reader scrolls though the different ways to recycle their used coffee grounds a feeling of intelligence forms as they see in little pictures different ways that they may recycle their coffee. The color scheme used is intelligent, sticking to natural earthen tones when applicable, but switches to this firetruck red to draw the readers attention to important bits of information. Extremely intelligent design.

Review of the Content:

Who knew there were so many uses for used coffee grounds? The folks over at Lucaffe did their research and many of these ideas are new to me. A few seem slightly repulsive, like using coffee grounds on my steak, but I refuse to judge the suggestion before I try it. Many of these uses are creative and not at all obvious so I commend them for their out-of-the-box thinking.


Dramatic use of red to draw the readers attention while posing more uses for recycled coffee grounds than I careĀ  to imagine lead me to giving this infographic a 4.8/5. If I had to come up with a critique for this awesome piece it would be to place a bounding box around the infographic so readers eyes do not wander towards the end of the page. Very minimal, but still potentially helpful.

Ways To Recycle Coffee