Space Facts for Kids!

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Review on the layout:

This layout is both consistent and easy to read, perfect to help the kids follow the entire length and teach them a thing or two! The graphics are light-hearted and not too realistic to fit the theme, while also fitting well within the constraints of the page as to not be laid out too long. Mom approved!

Review on the content:

Space. Who doesn’t like space? The facts here have even taught me a thing or two on some planets. Even though this information is totally laid out for children, it’s digestable for all walks of life and is pertinent to anyone interested. I love being able to read information that’s meant or kids because it means that the group who made it truly understand what they’re talking about and are able to distill it down to it’s essence.


This infographic is wonderful, down to earth and easy enough to digest for kids to learn from, while also maintaining a charismatic layout that draws you in. Check out the original at the link below and let them know that more infographics like this need to be made!


space facts infographic